3 rejuvenating ideas recommended by a hairdresser to change your look this winter

Not all hairstyles flatter the face equally in your sixties. A hairdresser reveals 3 hairstyles with a “rejuvenating” effect to ask yours to change your look this season.

It is not enough to delve into the hair trends for autumn-winter 2023-2024 to find the right hairstyle. In addition to being adapted to the shape of your face, it is also essential that your new hairstyle takes into account the way the oval of your face changes when you are over 60, and the new hair quality that comes with it. , a hormonal upheaval that can cause hair to become thin and sparse.

That’s why we asked Gianni Coppa: Barber founder of the salon R Factory Paris, the hairstyles he would recommend to his clients over 60, to change their look this winter, taking into account this reality. Bob haircut, short cropped haircut… He revealed to us the best trendy haircuts that we can adopt after 60 to get a modern look that can rejuvenate the face and tackle the minor hair problems that we can experience at this age.

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The best trendy hairstyles to adopt this winter of 2024 after 60

  • The short messy cut

To increase the volume of “fine hair and hair that has lost substance”, Gianni Coppa recommends cutting everything to preserve the best remaining material and get the most out of it. By short cut he means all types of short cuts based on “short hair that cannot be tied”. A length that allows the strands to fully blossom, makes the hair fuller and avoids stiff strands that break if we sometimes leave them longer. The hairdresser specifically advises to style the hair and give it a “messy look” to ensure that short hair remains modern and trendy. He assures that it only takes a little bit “styling paste or texture powder” daily. The only downside if you have a square or very round face is that this type of shorter cut is not flattering for your body shape. Instead, on the hairdresser’s advice, go for one of the other haircuts from the hairdresser’s range.

  • The long bob is cut below the collarbone

The long bob, whose strands flirt with the line marked by the collarbones, is suitable for all face shapes and is one of the hairdressers’ favorite rejuvenating hairstyles if you are over 60. It lifts the oval of the face. But to ensure that it has a fashionable look and that it effectively rejuvenates your facial features, Gianni Coppa emphasizes the need to adjust the styling: “We avoid excessive memorization of blow-drying with too much volume, too stiff and too varnished, which will cause an aging effect”. It’s best to have one “fairly soft, moving brushesOr to choose “natural drying” which doesn’t shape too much. To quickly do your hair in the morning, the hairdresser also recommends texturizing your hair with a seawater spray.

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For those who do not like snacking, another type of bob cut is also preferable according to the hairdresser: the layered bob. “The square is meant to be slightly degraded or even highly degraded depending on the person’s hair density”specifies Gianni Coppa, who warns that it is imperative to avoid squares with points drawn to the face he calls “Chantal Goya Squares”. Regardless of the type of gradient you choose for your body shape and your hair (discreet or pronounced), the hairdresser recommends “style it with movement” and from “come and texture it to get volume”.


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