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60 million consumers warn about the dangers of these sauces that everyone loves

60 million consumers have decided to be alert to various sauces that are worst for your health!

Sauces are widely used every day to accompany dishes and to add a hint of flavor to your meal. On the other hand, they are not all equal. In any case, this is what 60 million consumers revealed.

Unhealthy sauces

White, ketchup, mayonnaise, barbecue, Chinese, soy… there are different flavors that fit perfectly with your meals. On the other hand, these sauces appear to be bad for your health. And for good reason, her contain too many additives, sweeteners, sugar but also salt.

In a survey among 60 million consumers, the magazine decided to draw attention to the dangers of these daily-used sauces. They are very bad for your health.

This is an approval of what certain additives consist of. And this, like the “thickeners such as guar gum (E412) and xanthan gum (E415)”according to 60 million consumers.

These additives also remain very present in mayonnaises and even barbecues. If you don’t meet the threshold for these sauces, be aware that you are at risk feel very unpleasant symptoms.

Bloating or even diarrhea may occur. Furthermore, the sweeteners found in ‘low-sugar’ ketchups can have a terrible impact on your intestinal flora.

Ketchup stands out

For 60 million consumers, we should also not give preference to so-called low-fat mayonnaises. Manufacturers don’t hesitate to add additives that can turn out to be terribly bad for your health.

The magazine still revealed that ketchup fared best compared to mayonnaise, soy sauce or even barbecue. Despite the sugar, salt, additives or sweeteners, it does well.

Indeed, experts have reported: “A considerable amount of tomatoes, more than 100 grams of fresh tomatoes per 100 grams of end product. And up to 213 grams at Regalo ».

And also specify: “Naturalia ketchup stands out with only 41 grams of tomato per 100 grams. But only because it also contains other vegetables”. However, be careful with this very sweet product.

In an interview with Franceinfo, an expert from 60 Million Consumers revealed that sauces generally remain bad for your health. They don’t bring strict “Nothing very good nutritionally”.

“Some contain almost 10 additives! »

The expert also explained to the media: “They are often rich in sugars, some in fat. And especially salt. These ingredients, in addition to those consumed during meals, promote chronic diseases such as obesity and cardiovascular disease ».

About soy sauces she reported: “They are all very salty. And even sweet soybeans. For 10 grams, the content varies from 0.55 grams, which is not bad in itself, to 1.78 grams of salt, or more than a third of the recommended amount, which is 5 grams per day..

Regarding these ‘light’ approvals, Patricia Chairopoulos confided the following: “Even if their calorie load remains divided by three, our analyzes show that their quality suffers”.

And to specify: “When manufacturers remove some of the fat, they replace it with water. And to make the product a little spicier, they add salt and sugar. But also various additives such as preservatives and acidity regulators.

The expert also warned: “Some contain almost 10 additives! ». One thing is certain: you clearly should not use too many sauces every day. They should be consumed daily in moderation.

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