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60 million consumers are alert to this major industrial soup scam

Which soups should you eat in winter? In any case, these industrial soups should be banned for 60 million consumers

What’s more comforting in winter than a good soup? They allow us to warm up and have a low calorie score. But be careful, because according to 60 million consumers, not all of them are health allies.

A winter comfort meal

The cold is starting to strike again little by little. The beautiful summer days now seem like a distant memory. But the approaching winter is far from depressing!

First of all, it announces the arrival of the end-of-year holidays. A festive and family moment, it is a joy for many of us to come together. It is also an opportunity to enjoy a real New Year’s Eve party or good soups.

This year everything has to be perfect. Decoration, tree, creation of the festive menu… Don’t skimp on the efforts to create a warm and welcoming Christmas atmosphere. The drop in temperatures invites us to change our wardrobe, but also our eating habits.

In winter, the desire to consume comforting things arises. For example, it is the ideal time to indulge in the star dish of cheese lovers: raclette.

With its rustic and friendly side, it generally pleases everyone. But she is not the only one who comforts us in winter. Healthier, soups are also the stars of our tables when the cold returns.

They are prepared or purchased in supermarkets and can be consumed without moderation. Soups are one of those dishes that we eat without thinking. Because everyone agrees that they are good for your health.

They contain few calories. And often provide a good source of fiber and vitamins for the body. But if it’s easy Master the ingredients of homemade soupsHowever, it is more difficult to verify what the industrial ones contain.

However, according to 60 million consumers, not all of them are perfect. Know which soup is safe to eatRead more…

These soups will be banned, according to 60 million consumers

The famous magazine warns us about certain mass products. Look after! Because behind the sometimes reassuring packaging of brands, there are major disappointments.

This is the case for the Royco pumpkin velouté and the Casino various vegetable mouliné. These two soups actually contain no fiber or vitamins. Vitamins B6 and E are indeed missing.

If certain nutrients are lacking, other ingredients are also plentiful. 60 million consumers report these soups contain additives.

Such as thickeners, flavorings, palm and sunflower oil in Royco’s dehydrated soups. Carrefour’s leek and potato soup contains pesticides. The magazine has five in total!

Get started making your soups

To avoid consuming the worst, it’s best to stay vigilant. Read the labels carefully and run away soups that contain too many suspicious ingredients. Otherwise, it’s best to prepare your own soup.

It’s not very complicated. To do this, you need to arm yourself with a little time and a good mixer! You can also make this cheap vegetable soup recipe from Carrefour.

This soup is currently a hit on Instagram. It takes little time to complete it. And it’s full of flavors and benefits. Turn on your pans!

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