A flat stomach in sight? Here’s how to get rid of belly fat naturally

If it becomes too much, belly fat can become unsightly and cause health problems. To eliminate this, you just need to take the right actions every day and consume targeted foods. Focus.

Since accumulating belly fat can cause many health problems, practicing good eating habits, exercising regularly and focusing on appropriate beauty treatments is essential.

In the stomach, these are called subcutaneous fat (located under the skin) and visceral fat (between the organs and muscles). belly fat. They occur in both men and women, due to several factors: genetics, hormonal disorders, stress, a sedentary lifestyle or even a poor diet. It is also poor eating habits that are the main cause of belly fat.. Eating too much, too fatty and too sweet, as well as consuming alcoholic drinks, promote the storage of fat in the abdomen. In addition to aesthetic concerns, has excess fat on the stomach adverse health effects because it increases the risks of high blood pressure, stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain cancers.

Belly fat in women

After the age of 50, women naturally store more fat in their stomach. In question: the menopausewhich causes many changes in the body, due to decreasing production of female hormones. The body then changes the distribution of fat, which accumulates around the waist, hips and abdomen.

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Belly fat in men

In men, hormonal disorders are also responsible for belly fat. Around the age of 60, men enter andropause (with a decline in the production of male hormones), which changes their bodies.. Here too, the fat distribution changes and the abdomen stores more fat.

What Foods Burn Belly Fat?

To effectively eliminate belly fat in men and women, there are several solutions, starting with diet, essential for regaining good health. Therefore, eat a balanced diet, without excess, and avoid foods that promote fat storage, such as sweets, soda, and processed foods. To target belly fat, focus on fat-burning fruits and vegetables (apple, broccoli, lemon, green beans, grapefruit).

In the top 3 best fat burning foodsWe count:

  • green tea : it is the detox drink par excellence that is one of the most effective fat burners, as has been scientifically proven. True diuretic, Green tea stimulates metabolism, increasing calorie consumption and therefore burning fat. Packed with antioxidants, it eases transit, helps lower blood pressure and reduces the need for sweets.
  • eggplant : It is the best vegetable to lose belly fat because it acts like a real sponge that captures and then removes the fat and toxins in the body. Eggplant is rich in water, fiber, pectins and antioxidants and is a formidable ally in losing weight. To reap its benefits, you need to cook or steam it in the oven.
  • oat bran : it helps to lose weight thanks to its high fiber and protein content, which provide two slimming actions. First, oats will retain lipids in the body, helping to break down fat and lower cholesterol. Second, oatmeal keeps you full longer, preventing cravings and overeating. Perfect to help regain a balanced diet, essential for losing belly fat.

The most effective way to lose belly fat is through exercise due to a sedentary lifestyle is a factor that worsens fat storage. To melt belly fat, focus on sports that work the abdominal muscles, such as:!

Exercising in the water is also great because the body will use more energy when in contact with the cold. Swimming or aquagym provide an energetic draining massage. For an effective action, you need to exercise for at least 20 minutes. Beware of fat-burning belts and other sweat jackets that claim to help you lose weight during physical activity: in reality, they make you lose water, not fat. No scientific study has proven its weight loss effectiveness.

To drink lots of water is also a natural solution to lose belly fat because it eliminates toxins, facilitates intestinal transit and limits snacking. It is recommended to drink 2 liters of water per day. The slimming tip: Start the day with a glass of warm lemon water to get a flat stomach.

Stress also plays an important role in weight gain because when you are stressed or anxious, the body secretes cortisol, a hormone that causes the accumulation of fatty tissue. Managing your stress is therefore an effective solution to combat belly fat.. The natural way to achieve this: Good night. By sleeping peacefully for 8 hours in a row, you naturally reduce your stress level and thus the production of cortisol. Fat mass will then form less easily in the stomach.

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To accelerate the loss of belly fat, it is possible to choose slimming solutions that work overnight. Among the products to burn fat while we sleep, we include nutritional supplements, especially guarana. This Natural fat burner is known to facilitate weight loss thanks to its fat burning activating properties. In combination with diet and exercise, belly fat and other parts of the body are eliminated after one month of guarana treatment.

finally, the slimming creams especially for a flat stomach will also be your best slimming allies. These treatments are applied to the stomach in circular movements before going to sleep and act directly on the fat cells thanks to their slimming active ingredients, the most famous of which is caffeine. It is known to facilitate the release of fat cells and slow down the storage of fat. Give a 3 to 5 minute massage every evening for proper removal of belly fat.

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