a Parisian player wins the jackpot, he wins the jackpot of 15 million euros!

A historic draw! This Wednesday, November 15, 2023 will remain etched in the history of Loto. After four weeks and 13 consecutive draws without a big winner, the exceptional jackpot of 15 million euros finally found its lucky owner and it was in Paris that the only winning grid was validated! Discover all the details about this crazy evening in our article!

Lottery draw of November 15, 2023: finally a winning draw

The magical Loto combination of the day is as follows: 2, 7, 16, 22, 30 and the lucky number 1. But even more than this new millionaire, this evening not only smiled at a happy person, but also at two other players who each won €110,724, by finding the 5 correct numbers. In total, more than 700,000 entries were won across France, making it one of the most successful draws of the year.

This new millionaire Parisian thus becomes the 32nd millionaire of the Loto for the year 2023 and occupies fourth place in the ranking of the biggest wins of the year. This player, still unknown to the public and perhaps also to himself, has 60 days to register with the FDJ. A call to 09 69 36 60 60 waiting for him to initiate the procedures to receive his colossal winnings.

15 million euros: 4th biggest win of the year 2023 in the Loto

Ultimately, it is an increase that will have lasted almost a month to the day since the Loto jackpot of 2 million euros was put into play on October 16, 2023 until today’s draw, Wednesday, November 15, 2023. .

With this profit of 15 million euros, the big winner rises to 4th place among the players richest in the Loto this year, leaving behind a player from Château-Gontier who also won 15 million euros on February 18, as well as a Corsican player from Sotta who won 14 million euros in the August 9 draw.

The record profits achieved in 2023 are in the hands of an Alsatian family from Colmar who won 18 million euros on September 16.

To put this impressive win into perspective, here is a table of the 10 biggest Loto winners of the year 2023:

Top 10 Loto winners in 2023 ⤵️

Date Jackpot City (department)
16-Sep €18,000,000 Colmar (68)
26-Apr €18,000,000 Argentan (61)
January 14 €17,000,000 Internet
November 15 €15,000,000 Paris (75)
18-Feb €15,000,000 Château-Gontier (53)
August 9 €14,000,000 Sotta (2A)
June 05 €14,000,000 Internet
08-Jul €13,000,000 Henin-Beaumont (62)
Oct 13 €13,000,000 Internet
Oct 11 €12,000,000 Two Sevres

The biggest wins in Paris are at EuroMillions

This profit of 15 million euros is indeed monumental, did not reach the peak of Parisian gains. Discover below an overview of the 5 largest jackpots won in Paris. The Paris winning record is held by a Euromillios player who won an incredible amount of 66 million euros in 2016.

The last time a very large Loto jackpot was won in Paris, it was during the December 5, 2022 draw for a win of 25 million euros that ends up in the top 5 of the biggest Loto wins in history.

The top 5 biggest profits in Paris

Quantity Date Game
66188316€ January 29, 2016 Euromillions
61191026€ February 3, 2006 Euromillions
35565110€ May 10, 2007 Euromillions
25000000 € December 5, 2022 Lotto
22022482€ July 13, 2013 Lotto
The biggest FDJ gain was achieved in Paris
The profit record in Paris is 66 million euros. Find the full map of the 5 biggest jackpots won in Paris at Euromillions and the Loto.
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