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Initially it was a bag, carried over the catwalks by flying drones. We are in 2018 and recognition as an ‘it bag’ comes shortly after. Today, in the wake of this successful bag, a perfume was born with the same name and, as a symbol, the same Sacred Heart of ex-votos. Devotion is not just the latest fragrance from Dolce Gabbanait is also the beginning of a new journey for the house, with a make-up collection of the same name: the first beauty project developed “in-house”, thanks to a cosmetics department created specifically to narrow and deepen the link with fashion to make .

In short, behind the word ‘Devotion’ lies the world of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. From religious devotion with its Catholic symbols (madonnas, crucifixes, rosaries, ex-votos) that are now part of their stylistic signature, to the more secular value of devotion to a work they love and to beauty. The essence of it all is a fragrance that celebrates life, Italianity, passion and craftsmanship.

Devotion by Dolce & Gabbana: the gastronomic origins of a unique fragrance and make-up line

Accomplices, a pop star like Katy Perry, star of the campaign and a nose named Olivier Cresp, former author of the Light Blue perfume, bestseller since 2001.

Mr Cresp, let’s start with you. You are called ‘the Prince of Grasse’ because you are an icon of French perfumery; “the king of gourmet perfumes” because gourmet fragrances are your invention. However, you prefer to define yourself as a “figurative nose”: what exactly does that mean?

“That’s my kind of approach. I can’t translate something abstract into perfume. I need a real image to ignite the spark. But we can also say that the perfumes I create always arise from pleasures and experiences that arouse emotions in me.”

Olivier Cresp, nose of the Devotion perfume by Dolce & Gabbana.

And what was the spark for Devotion?

“A working breakfast in Milan, with Domenico and Stefano, before Christmas. When it was time for dessert, they offered me a panettone and said, “We had that made for you.” It was there, at that moment, that the perfume took shape.” A panettone? “I know it’s a crazy idea, but we realized it was the right thing. We share a love of challenge, which also means taking risks, and we trust our instincts. Domenico and Stefano have always dared: it is part of their creativity. Otherwise, they would not have decided to launch the perfume by bypassing the testing phase to be the first to offer a completely new fragrance experience.”

Can you explain it to us?

“Devotion is a sensory journey where craftsmanship plays an important role, both in the design of the bottle and in the choice of top quality ingredients. To reinterpret the scent of panettone, I thought of a mixture of Madagascar vanilla and candied citrus fruits, with orange blossom as a radiant and sensual touch. The spirit of the perfume is cheerful, seductive and comforting at the same time. Like a love story that goes straight to the heart and that captures the essence of Italian.”

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Devotion by Dolce & Gabbana: a beautiful escape between fashion and beauty

Handbags, jewelry, pumps and now a perfume, which seals the close bond between fashion and beauty by putting its heart into it: the sacred symbol of ex-votos, to which Dolce & Gabbana has dedicated some of its most popular accessory collections. more desired and loved. This is how was born Devotion Eau de Parfumthe new fragrance of the house, a tribute to femininity, beauty, but also to the feelings that give meaning to life.

The jewel bottle contains a precious mix of orange blossom, Madagascar vanilla and candied citrus fruits. While the campaign video, set in Capri, tells the beginning of a love story, played by Katy Perry, the perfume’s muse and actor-model Michele Morrone, in the role of a fisherman. On the notes, this time musical, of the song “ O surdato ‘nnammurato“.

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