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Unemployment will benefit from all changes that will be known from January 2024

From January next year, many changes may be expected in the field of unemployment benefits!

Unemployment benefit recipients will undoubtedly face changes next year. In fact it is four very important points to remember concerning this. Here’s everything you need to know.

Good news for some beneficiaries

As our colleagues from the Ouest France media have revealed, the conditions for opening rights will finally become more flexible. To receive unemployment benefits, you must be working five to six months from January next year for certain beneficiaries.

This is a new measure present in the new rules of the regime last decided by employers and certain trade unions (CFDT, CFTC). Olivier Guivarch from the CFDT also provided information on this subject.

He explained: “We have made progress. And without a deal, the government would take back control to restrict the rights of job seekers. . Before specifying which beneficiaries are entitled to unemployment benefits after only five months of activity.

The man revealed to the media: “These are people who are unemployed for the first time and seasonal workers. This will benefit tens of thousands of people. Good news for the latter.

On the other hand, the others must always have a minimum activity period of six months. The CGT believes that this is not a good thing. Denis Gravouil regrets this situation. For this reason, the organization does not want to sign the agreement.

New rules for unemployment benefits

The man also told Ouest France: “He imposed that there would be none no new releases without equivalent savings being found. All this while twelve billion is needed in four years to finance France Travail”.

Some beneficiaries will therefore be able to exercise their right to unemployment benefits sooner than others. Our colleagues recalled that this was a decision dating back to the end of 2021.

“The government then decides to do that Take into account periods of inactivity between two contracts in the calculation, reducing the reimbursement for certain beneficiaries »indicates Ouest France.

For his part, Olivier Guivarch clarified: “The agreement reduces the percentage of days of inactivity taken into account. It goes from 75% to 70%. We had hoped for better, but it is progress”.

Unemployment benefits may therefore increase “a few euros a day”. On the other hand, it is a measure that does not really satisfy Denis Gravouil. The latter would have liked to see more for the beneficiaries of this support.

Savings for employers

Please note that the allowance is now paid out in thirty days. And this, even if the month has 31. So the government could do this a saving of 950 million euros over four years.

Olivier Guivarch told Ouest France: “The missing days (five per year) would be compensated when the beneficiaries reach the end of their rights”. But that is not everything.

The man also talked about unemployment benefits: “But that will not deter certain job seekers, who are already in a delicate financial situation loses a day of benefits in Januaryor on average about thirty euros ».

Finally, know that temporary workers will see the rules become stricter. Ouest France revealed: “The unions have been given the status quo. In addition, former executives would no longer be subject to the degression of benefits from the age of 55 (currently they must wait until the age of 57 to be exempt)”.

One thing is certain: these measures are not exactly unanimous. Except for recipients who can receive unemployment benefits after five months of activity. To be continued !

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