ASM Clermont: the surprise Thomas Rozière, holder at the back, for the Top 14 race in Montpellier

As expected, Christophe Urios put together a “big guns” package with a third line, ultimately composed of Fritz Lee, Peceli Yato and Marcos Kremer. The front five does not move, especially with the renewal of the second line of Lanen – Simmons.

Sébastien Bézy and Benjamin Urdapilleta also continue to lead the match at the hinge point. The center pair Moala – Hériteau continues while Bautista Delguy is the only player in the attacking triangle to keep his place.

Affected by a death, Alivereti Raka (ASM Clermont) will not make the trip to Montpellier

After his three starts at the start of the season (and three tries), Joris Jurand returns to the game, in place of Alivereti Raka, exempt from travel after a family loss.

It is in the rearmost position that the surprise of the day lies. With Thomas Rozière’s first match (at the age of fifteen) in over a year at ASM. Recall that this 22-year-old full-back was loaned to Massy for the first six months of this year, where he compiled 10 scoresheets in Pro D2.

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Thomas Rozière has therefore no longer played with the ASM jersey since November 5, 2022 and the reception in Bayonne (except during this summer’s Seven).

Thomas Rozière, JIFF player and training worker

For Christophe Urios, his return to the team is completely legitimate. “He’s been there since the start of the season. He’s trained well, he’s had some very good pre-season games and he’s had some very good weeks. It was agreed that Alex (Newsome) would play the two restart games play in Lyon and Bayonne.” and then things would certainly change. We have a block of fifteen matches, so we have to find emulation to interest everyone.’

Everyone ? Not quite. “Those who train well,” Urios explains. “Because those who don’t train well have no chance to play with me. None. Those who train well, who are positive, who train to progress, to give to the group.” “They will get opportunities. That’s for sure. Then they have to learn.”

Montpellier – ASM Clermont: likely return of world champion Cobus Reinach

Instead of Newsome, Rozière is also an additional JIFF player in a group that does not reach the quota to be respected in this match in Montpellier (15 JIFF of the 17 average over the year must be respected). “There is also the limitation of JIFF,” the coach acknowledges. “There are positions where it is easy to manage, in others less so.”

Christophe Buron

The fifteenth of ASM Clermont

The starting XV: Roziere; Delguy, Hériteau, Moala, Jurand; (o) Urdapilleta, (m) Bézy; Kremer, Lee, Yato; Simmons, Lanes; Ojovan, Fainga”a, Falgoux (cap.). Substitutes : Couly, Beria, Amatosero, Dessaigne, Jauneau, Belleau, Darricarrère, Slimani.

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