Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: Ubisoft’s game has gone gold

Finally good news for Avatar – Frontiers of Pandora! The game developed and published by Ubisoft, which was recently shown during the last PlayStation State of Play, on September 14 with a new trailer, has finally gone gold and is therefore ready to go into intensive production and conquer the shelves of special stores. See you on December 7, 2023 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series to discover this new adventure in the heart of the planet Pandora!

It was six years ago, in March 2017. Ubisoft unveiled an unprecedented partnership with the video game publisher and developer FoxNetwhich then belonged to Disneythe company that owns the rights to the film Avatar, directed by James Cameron. This partnership was intended to enable the creation of a AAA game for consoles and PC, based on the film Avatar. This project, entrusted to the studio Huge entertainment and which takes place on the planet Pandora, is about to become reality… And for good reason: Avatar – Borders of Pandora waiting for you on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series from December 7! And since good news never comes alone, the game has just ended gold (i.e. the game has completed its development and been burned onto a “gold” disc for mass production and then distribution).

Avatar – Frontiers of Pandora Trailers:

After a long wait, and on the occasion of the show E3, Ubisoft revealed information about this game in 2021 that we no longer expected. Avatar – Borders of Pandora is therefore a first-person action/adventure game. This story takes us to a living, responsive world, to a never-before-seen area of ​​Pandora. Again, people And Na’vi will have to battle in the air and on the ground to conquer this magical territory.

The first images of trailer let us dream: the to colour, the beauty of Pictures in high definition and the thousands of details make us think that we are not done yetto discover every corner of this world. All the animals and ecosystems presented also suggest a more complex and diverse history than what we currently see.

The game was originally supposed to be released on March 31, 2021. The release has been delayed several times and the game is now scheduled for release this year. 2023-2024. Ubisoft seems to want to release its new title at the same time as the films James Cameron : the 2 must come out December 2022and the third part is scheduled for December 2024.

In January 2021, whileUbisoft put his next match in the spotlight Star Warsthe fans were scared: the match Star Wars was entrusted to the studio Huge entertainmentthe same studio responsible for bringing the game to life Avatar. However, David Polfeldtgeneral manager of the studio, was able to reassure players: “ We have been preparing the studio for quite some time to manage all our projects equal attention. Because all our teams work with the Snowdrop engine, all projects benefit from each other’s progress and success. And of course, with so many AAA projects coming together under one roof, we are constantly recruiting and currently looking for experienced developers from around the world to join us on our future adventures. ” he announced.

After so many years of waiting, the developers are aware that players will be very demanding, especially if Avatar should run on new generation consoles. The studio therefore uses its know-how: Huge entertainment is known for its use of technology Snowdropwith which you can create highly detailed and immersive universes.

And for the other Avatar – Frontiers of Pandora trailers, click here:

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