Check out this year’s best apps and games in the Apple App Store

For over a decade, the App Store editorial team has been listing the best apps and games of the year through the App Store Awards, spotlighting a wide range of developers, from the individual app maker to large international teams .

Finalists for iPhone App of the Year

The iPhone App of the Year finalists helped users discover new ways and learn new skills:

  • AllTrailsto help the world find its way out.
  • Duolingoto make learning accessible to everyone.
  • Volatileallowing travelers to arrive on time and avoid stress at the airport.

Finalists for iPhone Game of the Year

The finalists in the iPhone Game of the Year category invited players to experience new adventures on iPhone with lush graphics:

  • Postplacefor creating a retro role-playing game with intuitive controls.
  • Honkai: Starrailfor creating a fantasy space adventure with cinematic animations.
  • Vampire survivorsfor inspiring a new genre of action game roguelike.

iPad App of the Year Finalists

The iPad App of the Year finalists helped users unleash their creativity across multiple mediums:

  • Conceptsfor creating innovative drawing tools and dynamic color palettes.
  • Solving DaVincifor creating a more portable video editing experience.
  • Ready for makeupto bring makeup designs to life for all beauty lovers.

iPad Game of the Year Finalists

The finalists in the “iPad Game of the Year” category delighted players with visual storytelling, intuitive controls and absurd obstacles:

  • Eggy partyfor creating whimsical and joyful experiences for users.
  • Lost while playingbecause of its charming graphics and gameplay for all ages.
  • Zakstad 2that invites players to build from their imagination.

Finalists for Mac App of the Year

The Mac App of the Year finalists inspired user focus and creativity:

  • Linearity curvefor creating innovative design tools for professionals and aspiring designers.
  • Fotomatorto speed up and simplify the photo editing workflow.
  • Portalto immerse users in beautiful landscapes and spatial audio.

Finalists for Mac Game of the Year

The finalists in the Mac Game of the Year category offered rich storylines and graphics:

  • ELEX IIthat transports players to a dynamic science fiction world.
  • Lies from Pfor its fluid gameplay and alternative version of a classic story.
  • Return to Monkey Islandbecause you’re inspired by the iconic point-and-click adventure.

Finalists for Apple Watch App of the Year

The Apple Watch App of the Year finalists have made it even easier for users to access all the information they need from their wrist:

  • Plannieto intelligently help users stay focused on their tasks.
  • SmartGymto create smart, targeted workouts regardless of skill level.
  • Tide guideto provide water enthusiasts with real-time maritime conditions.

Finalists for Apple TV App of the Year

The Apple TV App of the Year finalists brought great experiences to the biggest screen in your home:

  • Bugsnaxfor capturing the mystery and charm through the gameplay.
  • Takes care offor offering a range of training experiences with popular trainers and celebrities.
  • MUBI MUBI, for bringing quality cinema into your home.

Apple Arcade Game of the Year Finalists

This year’s Apple Arcade Game of the Year finalists provided endless entertainment:

  • Cityscapesfor inspiring players with a lasting and useful touch.
  • Hello Kitty island adventureto take players on a grand adventure with adorable creatures.
  • lurchto bring the meditative embroidery art within the reach of more users.

Finalists for Cultural Impact

Through powerful missions, the finalists in the Cultural Impact category developed new ways to connect and celebrate the diversity and wonder of the world.

  • Balanceto make menopause support more inclusive and accessible to all.
  • Second pilotto simplify personal finances.
  • Endlessto encourage players to focus on environmental impact.
  • Find Hannato connect women of all generations through gaming.
  • How to say goodbyeto help users manage difficult emotions.
  • POK pokto help children learn, discover and experiment in a digital playroom.
  • Proloquoto encourage communication without words.
  • Rebel girlsto transform strong stories into a discovery of heroic women through time.
  • Too good to goto help reduce food waste in restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets.
  • Unpackto create puzzles that soothe the soul.

Among these applications and games there are certainly some that will find a place on your device.

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