Considered a fashion faux pas, this look has become the trend of the moment

Among the trends for autumn-winter 2023-2024, there are some that go from ‘lack of taste’ to ‘must-have’ status. This is the case total jeans look also called ” double denim ” or ” denim on denim “. This fashion, which emerged in the United States in the 1950s and was popularized by pop culture icons, has gone through periods of glory and infamy. Long considered the height of kitsch, the all-out denim look is making a comeback today.

The total denim look, from glory to shame

Double denim, a symbol of American culture and casual fashion, owes its fame to emblematic figures of the 1950s such as Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroeor even James Dean who appeared in double denim before this term appeared. Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein were among the first to integrate the total denim look into their ready-to-wear collections. In the 1990s, double denim came back into fashion thanks to the stars of television series and in 2001 this combo became iconic. Thanks WHO? Thank you Britney Spears And Justin Timberlake ! During the MTV Video Music Awards, the most famous couple of that time dared to wear matching denim total looks, which remained in the annals of fashion. Double denim, praised by some and treated as an inexcusable lack of taste by others, disappeared for a while before making a comeback in the fall of 2023.

Double denim fashion is making a comeback

This year 2023, denim takes its place among the most important trends. We see it everywhere and in all its variants: jackets, jackets, XXL blazers, split skirts, dresses… you can’t escape it! And now the total denim look is establishing itself in the collections of luxury houses, but also in affordable brands. It is found in brands that specialize in denim, such as Levi’s, Lee, DieselAcne Studios or even Mother.
Celebrities, one after another, are succumbing to this trend. We all remember Miss France 2023, Indira Ampiot, who won theThe total jeans look with an ultra trendy Zara jacket, or even Camille Cottin who opted for double denim in its chic version during Paris Fashion Week. Anne Hathaway gave us a real lesson in style by donning the total sartorial denim look. Camille Charriere, for her part, opted for a jacket and shorts set. Finally, Emily Ratajkowski showed up at the Loewe fashion show in an oversized double denim set.

How do you wear the total denim look this season?

The overall denim look can be quite elegant, as long as you find the shapes that flatter us and fit well together. Pieces of the same color? Why not ! The customization method works very well. Otherwise, you can also play with color by choosing different shades of denim, as Hailey Bieber does, among others. A small shift between colors can create depth and visual relief.

Play with textures, from raw denim to distressed denim. Mixing pieces in different textures can add spice to your outfit.

What is important when choosing the overall denim look is balancing the cuts. So if you wear loose jeans, choose a tight-fitting top and vice versa. Balanced cuts create a flattering silhouette.

Add accessories to break the monotony of denim. Belts, scarves, jewelry and shoes can add a touch of color and/or style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with layering: a cardigan, jacket or light shirt layered over jeans or denim skirt can be a really good idea. And most importantly, don’t forget to tailor your double denim to your own style and adapt it to the occasion.

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