[Data] Alpha Diallo: its evolution and its influence on the game in Monaco

EuroLeague – AS Monaco player Alpha Diallo has made remarkable progress in both the EuroLeague and Betclic ELITE during the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 seasons. His influence on the game and ability to contribute in different areas is impressive.

Arrival in Monaco in 2021, Alpha Diallo (2.01 m, 26 years old) has established himself as an important pawn on the Roca Team chessboard. At the start of the season, the American-Guinean seems to have reached a milestone after all. Link information deciphers the statistical progress for us.

His evolution in the EuroLeague

During the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 EuroLeague seasons, Alpha Diallo demonstrated his versatility and ability to continuously improve:

  • In terms of playing time, he is a consistent presence in the team and is playing half a minute more per game this season. His ability to score baskets has increased, averaging 12 points this season (10.5 last season).
  • Most importantly, he has improved his shooting skills, with an increase in his points per shot average (1.19 this year compared to 1.01 in 2022-2023). In terms of shooting success rates, he shows an improvement in 2-point baskets (58.4% vs. 53.2%) but especially in 3-point shooting with a success of 40.9% this year (29.8% last year).
  • In defense he intercepted 1.71 balls, of which 0.5 more.
  • His personal ratings have also improved. Offensively it went from 115.8 to 122.8 and defensively from 111.8 to 103.2, for a net rating of +19.6 compared to +4 last year.
  • Finally, the PER (Player Efficiency Rating) has increased from 17.0 to 21.8.

Impact on team performance in EuroLeague

Alpha Diallo’s presence on the pitch is crucial for AS Monaco this season in the EuroLeague:

  • When the New Yorker is on offense, the team posts a solid offensive rating of 115.3 (113.4 without him). Additionally, the team has a three-point shooting percentage of 41.5% with him on the court and 35.4% without him.
  • The team’s defensive impact is also influenced by his presence on the pitch, with a defensive rating of 103.9 with him, otherwise 116.0, indicating a more effective collective defense when he is on the ground (difference of 12. 1 point per 100 ball possessions). When he is on the field, the opponent’s 2-point field goal percentage is 42%. When he is not on the field, that is 55.6%. Opponents commit more turnovers: 23% in his presence compared to 18.3%.

In Betclic ELITE

In Betclic Elite, Alpha Diallo also experiences an increase in its performance in the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 seasons:

  • He significantly improved his 3-point shooting percentage, reaching an impressive 69.2% (as of November 13, 2023), compared to 34% last year.
  • He is scoring 1.22 points per shot, compared to 1.17 last year.
  • Overall, as in the EuroLeague, his personal ratings have improved significantly: 135.2 vs. 127.5 on offense, 101.2 vs. 109.1 on defense.
  • The former Providence Friar (NCAA) has also shown improvement in his ability to not commit turnovers, with a low turnover percentage in the 2023-2024 season (11.7%).

Comparison with other Betclic ÉLITE players

Compared to the rest of the players in the league (the 145 players selected who played more than 150 minutes):

  • He ranks in the top 5% of players in terms of points scored per 100 possessions completed (95th percentile).
  • He ranks first among the most skilled players in three-point shots (with a minimum of 10 attempts).
  • He demonstrates excellent ball control and places himself in the top 17% of “non-losses” of balls…
  • He ranks in the top 28% of players in interception percentage.
  • His offensive rating puts him in the top 4%, while his defensive rating is in the top 7%.

Alpha Diallo has proven to be a very valuable asset for AS Monaco in the EuroLeague and Betclic Elite this season. His continued development and influence on the team’s performance is impressive. Both in attack and in defense, the former Lavrio player (2020-2021) demonstrates his versatility and his ability to make a difference on the pitch. His impact on the team’s performance is undeniable, and his contribution is a crucial factor in the success of Sasa Obradovic’s side in both competitions.

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