Diane Leyre’s nod to Edith Piaf with her traditional costume

Diane Leyre in costume for Miss Universe 2023.
Capture YouTube Mis Universe Diane Leyre in costume for Miss Universe 2023.

Capture YouTube Mis Universe

Diane Leyre in costume for Miss Universe 2023.

MISS UNIVERSE – She hopes that the judges will also see life as roses. As the grand finale of the Miss Universe 2023 competition quickly approaches, Diane Leyre, Miss France 2022, caused a sensation during the stage dedicated to the national costume. The 26-year-old took the stage at the Gimnasio Nacional Jose Adolfo Pineda in San Salvador with a costume designed exclusively for her in the Moulin Rouge workshops. A pink suit that refers to the world-famous French singer Edith Piaf.

Diane Leyre’s fashion show can be seen in the 29 minute and 30 second video below.

This year, the French candidate’s national costume is once again a tribute to a singer who embodies France par excellence, because it is Edith Piaf. As the Moulin Rouge states in its press release, the outfit is inspired by La vie en rose, one of the internationally most famous songs by the singer, who herself performed on the stage of the Moulin Rouge.

A suit for 25,000 euros

This exceptional creation requires according to the Moulin Rouge “more than 280 hours of painstaking work, and is decorated with 77 meters of marabou feathers. It is inspired by the finale of ‘Féerie’, a Moulin Rouge show.. The value is 25,000 euros.

In an interview with our colleagues from TV Magazine, Diane Leyre explained how she stood out from Iris Mittenaere and Maeva Cooke, who also paraded with a costume made by the Moulin Rouge on the Miss Universe stage. Miss France 2022 wanted an outfit that suited her 100%.

‘I like to hear Americans say’La vie en rose‘with their accent, she begins before continuing by summoning the Moulin Rouge. It’s a very well-known entity internationally and I wanted that iconic side. Iris Mittenaere Maëva Coucke had it too. But I wanted something completely different from them. I didn’t want red but a color that suits me: pink!

Like other Miss France before her, Diane Leyre decided to focus on French symbols that appeal to all foreigners. In 2015, Flora Coquerelle (Miss France 2014) paid tribute to the victims of November 13 by wearing a dress with the Eiffel Tower print. More recently, in 2020, Clémence Botino (Miss France 2020) had a look inspired by Joséphine Baker.

The grand final of Miss Universe 2023 will take place on Saturday, November 18 and will be broadcast from 2 a.m. during the premiere in Paris.

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