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Passionate about astronomy? Is it your dream to board a space shuttle with Thomas Pesquet? SFR Games has what you need: a selection of five games specifically set in space. Presentations.

Who has never dreamed of escaping Earth and going into space? If currently no metro can send us out of the atmosphere, SFR Jeux offers you a taste with a selection of five games on the theme of space and space conquests. SFR Games is a multitude of games grouped in an application on your smartphone, without any advertising and also available offline. This month we offer you a selection of five titles that will delight spaceship fans.

Astral recording

Are you fascinated by Cassiopeia, Centaur or Orion? The game Astral recording was made for you. The rule is simple: break the bricks to discover and collect the different constellations hidden behind them. To break them you have to aim and shoot at the comets to reveal the stars, but be careful… Make sure no stone ever hits the ground!

Discover the different constellations with the Astral Shot game. – Niebla games

Enjoy over 140 gameplay levels with a dozen constellations to collect. As you progress through the levels, you can unlock various bonuses that will allow you to face the asteroids and win. Take a journey through the stars with the game Astral recordingavailable on SFR Jeux.

Endurance space attack

In the game Endurance space attackYou play as a researcher working on the spaceship Endurance. While everything is going well for you and your team, one day they become infected with what appears to be a virus and go completely crazy. Left to your own devices, you will have to survive in this labyrinthine spaceship and discover what happened to the other members of the crew to save them.

Hunt down the infected and discover the reason for this new epidemic in the Endurance Space Attack game. – InLogic software

Your mission is simple: discover the reasons for the appearance of this sudden infection on board the ship. To achieve this you will have to wander through the different rooms of the spaceship, equipped with weapons to defend yourself against the infected. Ready to take on the challenge? Visit SFR Jeux to play Endurance space attack.

Rocat Jumpurr

Who said cats and bazookas don’t mix? The game Rocat Jumpurr is the perfect mix for lovers of cats and explosions. Indeed, the game features a hilarious cat who lives in space and whose sole purpose is to blow up everything in its path. Ideal for relaxing and playing without having to let your brain work at full capacity. How to play Rocat Jumpurr ? It’s as simple as the aim of the game: use your rocket launcher to blow up everything in your path, take on the monsters in your path, use your destructive spiders to scare the bad guys, upgrade your cat and unlock bonuses, move around avoiding obstacles and most importantly don’t die.

Play as a cute and hilarious cat in Rocat Jumpurr and blow up everything in your path. -Mouse trap games

Rocat Jumpurr is packed with an infinite number of levels, complete them one by one to progress and make your cat even crazier than he was at the start of your adventure. Rocat Jumpurr Come to SFR Jeux for maximum fun.

Space expedition

Have you always dreamed of becoming an astronaut? It is now possible thanks Space expedition. In this game it seems that way old-fashioned, you play as an astronaut who has gone on a mission to discover what really happened on a remote space station…

Go on a mission to a distant space station with the Space Expedition game. -Mobirate

This new quest is a chance for you to explore places yet unknown to you, avoid countless traps, brave monsters and take control of the spaceships you discover. However, as you will have understood, the adventure will not be easy; many dangers and obstacles will stand in your way. It is up to you to show intelligence and courage to face the trials that await you. Put on your jetpack and go on an adventure at SFR Games!

Zarya-1: Mystery on the Moon

Do you want to play an interactive game where your choices have an impact on the story? The game Zarya-1: Mystery on the Moon was made for you. This survival game combines science fiction, horror and humor, the perfect mix for an excellent game evening.

Zarya-1: Mystery on the Moon takes you to an alternate world where humanity has received a strange SOS. – Digital plugin

The game takes place in 2021, in an alternate world. Humanity has received a warning message from the far side of the moon. To find out where it came from, four men were sent to investigate the source of the signal. In the game you follow their adventure and you will have to make decisions that impact the characters, but also the story of the game. Depending on your choices, you move closer to the truth or further away from it. There are several possible endings, but don’t panic if you make the wrong choices: you can always go back if the mission goes wrong. Ready for the big adventure? Go to the moon with Zarya-1: Mystery on the Moon.

To play all these games, from the more than 300 titles in a regularly updated catalog, visit the SFR Jeux application, available on Android and iOS; How do you access it? If you bought an Android smartphone from SFR or RED, the application is already pre-installed, otherwise go to from your mobile!

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