discover the official portraits of the 30 candidates! (PHOTOS)

This is the last step before the big elections. This Sunday will be the contenders for the crown of Miss France 2024 will fly away towards Guyana for the traditional preparation trip. 7,000 kilometers from France, the thirty candidates will participate in press conferences, various on-site activities, numerous photo shoots, without forgetting the terrible general knowledge test causing young women to develop cold sweats every year. Above all, this week will be an opportunity for the committee to scrutinize the actions of each of the regional Misses to find out whether they have the shoulders to carry the sash of Miss France 2024. But before that, discover all the information about the ceremony and the official photos of the 30 regional Misses our slideshow.

Age, height, profession… Who are the 30 regional Miss candidates for the pageant of Miss France 2024 ?

Thirty candidates will therefore parade on the stage of the Zénith de Dijon on TF1 on Saturday, December 16 from 9:10 PM. By removing certain rules, such as wearing tattoos or the age limit, viewers can choose between them candidates aged 17 to 28. The two oldest Misses are Elena Faliez, Miss Île-de-France 2023 (28 years old) and Adeline Vetter, Miss Alsace 2023 (27 years old). Discover the list of candidates, their age, height and profession.

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Miss Alsace 2023: Adeline Vetter, 27 years old, pharmacist, 1.70 m

Miss Aquitaine 2023: Lola Turpin, 19 years old, international marketing student, 1.73 m

Miss Auvergne 2023: Oriane Mallet, 22 years old, marketing and communications student, 1.82 m

Miss Burgundy 2023: Luna Lacharme, 18 years old, first-year Bachelor Marketing Communication student, 1.76 m

Miss Brittany 2023: Noémie Le Bras, 21 years old, human resources management student, 1.74 m

Miss Center Val de Loire 2023: Emmy Gisclon, 22 years old, student of artistic direction, 1.76 m

Miss Champagne-Ardennes 2023: Noa Dutitre, 21 years old, foreign language student, 1.70 m

Miss Corsica 2023: Sandra Bak, 22 years old, graduated from a master’s degree in education, teaching and training, 1.71 m

Miss Côte d’Azur 2023: Karla Bchir, 19 years old, on a gap year to start modeling, 1.75 m

Miss Franche-Comté 2023: Sonia Coutant, 24 years old, nursing assistant in nursing home, 1.72 m

Miss Guadeloupe 2023: Jalylane Maës, 18 years old, student of administrative, economic and social license, 1.73 m

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Miss Guyana 2023: Audrey Ho-Wen-Tsai, 17 years old, would like to become an agent in sustainable and green marketing, 1.73 m

Miss Île-de-France 2023: Elena Faliez, 28 years old, consultant in IT transformation and cybersecurity, 1.73 m

Miss Languedoc 2023: Maxime Teissier, 19 years old, would like to become a surgical veterinarian, 1.73 m

Miss Limousin 2023: Agathe Toullieu, 21 years old, Master 2 student at a business school, 1.76 m

Miss Lorraine 2023: Angéline Aron-Clauss, 26 years old, self-employed in make-up, 1.71 m

Miss Martinique 2023: Chléo Modestine, 21 years old, second year BTS International Commerce student, 1.75 m

Mrs. Mayotte 2023: Houdayifa Chibaco, 21 years old, psychology student, 1.72 m

Miss Midi-Pyrénées 2023: Nadine Benaboud, 22 years old, customer service employee, 1.71 m

Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais 2023: Eve Gilles, 20 years old, MIASHS student (mathematics and computer science applied to human and social sciences), 1.71 m

Miss Normandy 2023: Wissem Morel-Omari, 21 years old, biology student, 1.76 m

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Miss New Caledonia 2023: Emma Grousset, 21 years old, management and business school student, 1.80 m

Miss Pays de la Loire 2023: Clémence Ménard, 25 years old, nurse, 1.75 m

Miss Picardy 2023: Charlotte Cresson, 23 years old, optician, 1.71 m

Miss Poitou-Charentes 2023: Lounès Texier, 18 years old, Art and Entertainment student, 1.73 m

Miss Provence 2023: Adélina Blanc, 25 years old, dentist, 1.74 m

Miss Reunion 2023: Mélanie Odules, 20 years old, sales consultant, 1.77 m

Miss Rhône-Alpes 2023: Alizée Bidaut, 22 years old, works in medical research, 1.74 m

Miss Roussillon 2023: Élise Aquilina, 21 years old, master’s student in public law, 1.71 m

Mrs. Tahiti 2023: Ravahere Silloux, 24 years old, digital marketing student, 1.72 m

Miss France 2024: when and where will the elections presented by Jean-Pierre Foucault take place on TF1?

As every year since 1996, Jean-Pierre Foucault will be at the helm of this new edition of the beauty pageant. But this time the presenter is no longer supported by Sylvie Tellier but by Cindy Fabre, the new director of the Miss France competition. The show will be broadcast live from Dijon, ten years after an evening when Flora Coquerel was crowned. Who will succeed Indira Ampiot, Miss France 2023? The answer at the end of the evening!

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Discover the photos of the official portraits of the 30 regional Miss candidates for Miss France 2024 in our slideshow.

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