Don’t miss the Parkside offers for DIY and equipped gardening

Parkside is a Lidl brand that offers a wide range of DIY and garden items. For example, the catalog includes safety equipment, power tools and even garden accessories. The brand is known for its reliability and only offers high-quality, safe and practical devices that will last for several years. From the metal chainsaw to the roller carriage, including the brush set, the rubber seal, the set of anti-slip stops or even the transparent paint, at Parkside you will find everything you need. In addition, the brand makes it a point to regularly unveil new items that simplify the lives of its customers. Today we help you equip yourself at a reduced price, by presenting our selection of Parkside products.

Direct access to the best Lidl offers from Parkside

The Inverter welding station, with cored wire

This Inverter welding machine currently costs 89 euros instead of 109 euros at Lidl, or a 20 euro discount. It has a synergistic adjustment knob, making it easy to adjust according to the thickness of the material. It also comes with a hammer brush, a carrying strap, four welding nozzles, a welding mask, a burner and 0.45 kg of welding wire. You can also adjust the welding current automatically.

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The Parkside fan heater, ceramic

With a maximum power of 2,000 watts, this Parkside fan heater is ready for you for the price of 27.99 euros. It offers two heating powers and the thermostat is infinitely adjustable. In addition, it is a space-saving device, easy to move from one room to another, measuring 21 x 12.9 x 22.7 cm. It spreads heat efficiently and quickly, evenly throughout the room. Finally, you can also use it as a fan.

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The wheelchair, less than 25 euros

This roller cart is currently available for you for the price of 24.99 euros at Lidl. It has a roll of 29 cm wide and can carry a maximum of 60 kg. The plastic handle is height adjustable, so the trolley reaches a height of 110 cm. Moreover, the device is foldable and takes up little space when stored. Finally, this roller carriage is very stable.

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This metal chainsaw, sold at Lidl for the price of 59.99 euros, comes with a metal cutting disc with a diameter of 180 mm. With this ergonomic device you can cut non-ferrous metals, iron and cast iron profiles and steel with great precision. Thanks to the scale, the chainsaw offers a continuously adjustable cutting angle. Finally, the lever arm has a rubber grip.

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The set of anti-slip stops or felt pads

This set costs €5.99 at Lidl and you can choose between a set of 320 protective and anti-slip stops, or 275 felt pads. It’s up to you to decide based on your needs. Multiple sizes are always available! The pads and stops are stored in a small case with a transparent lid and divided by size. So you will have no trouble finding the part you need right away.

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The magnetic accessory or tool, less than 4 euros

This accessory or magnetic tool is available for the price of 3.99 euros at Lidl. It’s a simple and effective solution to hang all your tools on the wall without making too many holes. You just have to magnetize them on this magnetic tray. It measures 138 x 238 mm and can accommodate several tools, hung next to each other. Finally, the necessary screws are included to attach it to the wall.

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