Dugarry pulverizes Ligue 1 level after a particularly boring weekend

Christophe Dugarry had little pleasure in following the 12th matchday of Ligue 1. Between Friday and Sunday evenings, our consultant often sat in front of his television for a long time. He was annoyed by it in Rothen ignites this Monday at RMC.

He almost fell asleep in front of his screen several times. Like many viewers, Christophe Dugarry was particularly disappointed by the spectacle offered in the four corners of France during the twelfth matchday of Ligue 1. Between Montpellier-Nice on Friday (0-0) and Lens-OM on Sunday evening (1- 0), there were few fun matches this weekend. The 1998 world champion was annoyed by Rothen Fires at RMC on Monday.

“We have to open our eyes,” Duga said. “If someone explains to me that Ligue 1 is good, I would like to see some matches. The Lens-OM on Sunday evening (1-0) was just disastrous. It was an absolute purge. I also enjoyed Havre-Monaco (0-0), terrible. I saw Montpellier-Nice (0-0), I think they could have played for four and a half hours, they would never have scored a goal. They looked at each other in the white of their eyes We wondered if they would make love in the end, a little stolen kiss or something, nothing at all. It was just horrible.”

“We talked so much about intensity, and in certain matches I even saw it. Not much, during Reims-PSG for example (0-3). But everything else lacked intensity and quality. I look at our championship and the team compositions, that’s going on for several years, we are more than ever a championship of second knives. With players who are second knives. Apart from the chance of Kylian Mbappé and some great internationals at Paris Saint-Germain, all of the other experienced players are expect them to evolve into a slightly tougher championship and teams at some point.”

“If there is a clown who is willing to pay a billion euros…”

And Dugarry continued about our national championship: “It’s an absolute purge. When I watched Rennes-Lyon (0-1), it was terrible. In Lyon, friend Cherki, his match was an absolute disgrace. I’ve never seen a seeing boy running So much. No sprint, no change of speed, nothing. It was a purge. Nothing happens. So we brought three Italian coaches (Gennaro Gattuso at OM, Fabio Grosso at OM and Francesco Farioli at Nice). They never shone before. with their attacking play. I hope that will change. I say to myself: why not. We have a Spanish coach at Paris Saint-Germain (Luis Enrique), who arrives with a lot of good intentions and good ideas. On At the moment I don’t do that. I don’t see the collective game either. It is saved by individuals. Rennes, there is the team for it, but we have to recognize that it is not working at the moment and that Genesio has not found the right formula. “

“There are many coaches who have no right to complain, because the numbers are right to be able to offer a different type of football. Our championship shows certain limits, financial, technical… But I think there is when the same way to do that much better in enthusiasm, in desire. We have young players who are able to show something different. Are these the instructions of the coaches? I don’t know. I don’t dare to imagine it for a second.” .. (…) The man who decided to sell Ligue 1 for a billion euros, he is seriously burned out. If there is a clown willing to pay a billion euros to watch these purges weekend after weekend, I can’t do it believe My arms are falling!”

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