frustrating defeat for the Parisiennes

It’s finished ! Defeat of Paris FC

On their own field, the Parisiennes lost to the Swedes of BK Häcken (2-1) this Wednesday, during the first matchday of the group stage of the Champions League. The Swedes were more efficient.

Gaëtane Thiney’s teammates will try to rectify the situation at Chelsea on November 23.


Very good free kick for Paris FC. But Thea Greboval sends the ball into the stands… Frustrating. The referee whistles the end of the match.

Imperial Falk!

New save from the Swedish goalkeeper for Soyer!

4 minutes extra time!

There is room to level!

Exciting end to the match

Emotions are heating up in these last minutes. Swedish goalkeeper Jennifer Falk holds the ball in her hands as a corner follows for Paris FC…


Oh, the failure of Louna Ribadeira! Without any marking at the far post on a long cross, the young French attacker misses her recovery and sends the ball over the crossbar… Much better could have been done with this action.

FC Paris pushes

New corner for the Parisiennes. He is hit hard at the near post by Thiney, but there is no one to receive the ball…

Charléty gives voice

In these last minutes, the crowd urges Sandrine Soubeyrand’s players to give everything to score the equalizer. But BK Häcken persists.

The fall of Dufour

Big acceleration on the left from Julie Dufour, who makes the difference before missing her cross behind her. She was immediately replaced by Louise Fleury.

The Falk Show

Confident and decisive in this match, Swedish goalkeeper Jennifer Falk allows herself a small hook to clear Louna Ribadeira.

Old Hocine!

Corner from Thiney that goes looking for Ould Hocine on the penalty spot. The young defender misses her recovery. It’s too overwritten to surprise Falk.

Watchful nadozie

The Nigerian goalkeeper takes the ball after a major confusion in the Parisian defense. She quickly tries to restart, but her release is missed.

Häcken persists

A succession of crosses and blows in the Swedish area, but Mak Lind’s players still hold on to their advantage. A win tonight would be a big achievement for her.


Great opportunity for Paris FC, which wakes up Charléty. Nice cross from Dufour to Thiney in the area. The Parisian captain barely managed to head the ball back.

Technical waste

It could be fatigue making itself felt. Lots of technical waste and missed transmissions of a few minutes on both sides.

Dufour in top form

Julie Dufour has already scored in both games against Wolfsburg. The 22-year-old French striker also scored in the competition against Saint-Etienne this weekend.

Two changes for Paris FC

Coaching on the side of Paris FC. Louna Ribadeira and Margaux Le Mouel replace Mathilde Bourdieu and Daphné Corboz.

Paris FC relaunches!

The Swedish goalkeeper started on the right, but Julie Dufour’s penalty was taken perfectly! BK Häcken now only leads 2-1!

Penalty for Paris FC!

Bourdieu is cut down in the area, penalty follows!

2-0 for the Swedes!!

Oh, the terrible cold spell in Charléty! At the end of a counter express, Anna Sandberg shakes the net with a sublime left punch! It will be 2-0 for BK Häcken!

Paris FC pushes!

Another great opportunity for Paris FC! Julie Dufour, found in the area, crosses her left shot too far even though she was in an ideal position.


Not attacked, the young defender Célina Ould Hocine goes forward and takes her chance with her right foot! It’s about the bar…

Häcken starts strong

The Paris FC players have a lot of difficulty setting up their game at the start of the second half. The Swedes try to pass along the sides.

It’s the recovery!

Trailing 1-0 from the 29th minute, Paris FC has 45 minutes to get back on track.

It’s the break!

Surprise for Charléty! Overall, BK Häcken’s Swedes nevertheless dominated the score in this match that counts for the first day of the Champions League group stage.

They opened the scoring on one of their rare chances thanks to Rasul Kafaji Rosa (29th). The Paris FC players had several ammunition, but they lacked skill in the final gesture.

Masaka hit

The Tanzanian striker from BK Häcken remains on the ground. She has left shoulder problems but should be able to continue.


Thiney has been well found by Soyer and has time to control and arm a good shot. But there is always a Swedish leg to counter the balls…

Bourdieu has sanctioned

The 24-year-old French striker tries to escape to the left lane, but is penalized for taking off his shirt.

What a rescue from Falk!

It was a tying ball! Dufour unleashes a heavy attack from the right, Falk relaxes perfectly to push the ball away!


New opportunity for Hacking! Anna Anvegard receives a good cross from the left and shoots with her left foot. This is well captured by the goalkeeper of Paris FC.

Swedes gain confidence

The opening score did a lot of good for the Swedes, who now manage to play in the Parisian camp.


Oh, the big surprise! Despite being dominated from the start of the match, the Swedes opened the scoring! Rasul Kafaji Rosa escapes the vigilance of the Parisian defense and goes to attack Nnadozie. Paris FC is trailing 1-0 after 29 minutes!

Hit the opponent’s goalkeeper?

Swedish goalkeeper Jennifer Falk clearly has a small problem with her right hand. The trainers intervene, but she is able to continue the meeting.

FC Paris under control

High recovery rates, great collective runs… there is only one goal missing to achieve the dominance of Sandrine Soubeyrand’s players.


Beautiful collective action by Paris FC. It all started from goalkeeper Nnadozie to a goal from Matéo, well countered by the Swedish defense. Still 0-0.

Hacking without a solution

The strategy on the Swedish side is quite simple: play long on the Tanzanian striker Aisha Masaka, who is well contained by the Parisian defense for the time being.

Paris FC insists

The new center of Paris FC comes from the left and signs Hocine, but there is no one to take the ball nearby… Hacking is not far from a crack!


Sublime back heel from Matéo for Bourdieu, who finds the Swedish goalkeeper’s net!

Bourdieu countered well

The Swedes are having a hard time at the start of the match. But Paris FC’s players still lack a bit of skill, such as this effort from Bourdieu blocked by the defense.

Dufour on the ground

Big attack from Kosola on Dufour, who remains on the ground for a moment before regaining his place. No yellow card for the right side, who is doing very well…

Paris FC is putting pressure on

Good pressure from Sandrine Soubeyrand’s players at the restarts of the first opponents. The Swedish goalkeeper is forced to play for a long time, allowing Paris FC to quickly regain the ball.


Here’s the first option of this part! The Swedish goalkeeper ends up at Bourdieu’s feet, but Matéo follows and tries his luck! It is saved by Hacking.

Big battle in the middle

The Parisiennes try to get their foot on the ball in these first minutes, but struggle for possession.

Let’s go !

The kick-off has just been given to Charléty. With a long ball in the camp of Paris FC.

The players enter the field

The Champions League song sounds!

Match lineups

The composition of Paris FC: Nnadozie – Bogaert, Ould-Hocine, Greboval, Soyer – Corboz, Korosec – Thiney – Mateo, Bourdieu, Dufour

Hacken’s composition: Falk – Kosola, Rybrink, Luik, Junttila-Neihage, Sandberg, Curmark, Bergmann-Lundin, Anvegard, Kafaji – Masaka

PFC executives will be present

It will come as no surprise that Sandrine Soubeyrand will rely on her usual players for this first match of the C1 group stage.

The Parisian coach will be able to count on Clara Matéo, Julie Dufour and Gaetane Thiney in her group.

Hello everyone,

The players of Paris FC, authors of great heroics during the preliminary rounds, attack the groups of the Women’s Champions League on Wednesday. After acquiring the scalps of Arsenal and Wolfsburg, the Parisiennes in Charléty have a good card to play in front of their audience.

From 6.45 pm it is time for the match between the PFC and the Swedes from Hacken in this live commentary.

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