Gaspard Proust’s column on Europa 1 criticized by former journalists of the channel

Gaspard Proust on Europa 1 on November 9, 2023.
XEurope 1 Gaspard Proust on Europa 1 on November 9, 2023.

XEurope 1

Gaspard Proust on Europa 1 on November 9, 2023.

MEDIA – Gaspard Proust didn’t make them laugh at all. Former journalists from Europe 1 rioted on Monday, November 13

The Swiss comedian joined Dimitri Pavlenko’s morning show for a few minutes every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the start of the 2022 school year. However, the column of Thursday, November 9 in which he discussed the march against anti-Semitism was not unanimous.

“Seeing people parading with a sad face, when in reality there could be a way to have a festive ceremony that would give people hope…”declared Gaspard Proust after some jokes about the mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi, guest of the morning show that day, and the boss of the Republicans Éric Ciotti.

THE “little English”

‘I would happens drinking champagne before takeoff »he continues before going into detail: “Imagine if we organize a huge one Garden party open to all citizens on a roof of Orly or Roissy airport. At one point, a fleet of Airbus A380s in formal attire takes you to the tarmac. So to keep the Dalton ball rolling, everything France has in terms of S-files, repeat offenders, OQTF (…). »

The rest of his comments go even less well. ‘Honestly, the whole brotherhood of ‘little angels’, hop, you’re counting all that on me in the hold on the way south. A stop in Cayenne for the nationals and there I think suddenly there would be a way to turn some form of desperation into a big Republican party.”he emphasizes as the presenter laughs.

Gaspard Proust continues to layer on those he calls the ‘ “little English”. Enough to raise several questions Internet users who, for example, remember Kylian Mbappé using this expression after Nahel’s death last June. In his message, the PSG footballer expressed his pain and supported the teenager’s family. “This little angel is gone way too soon”.

“It’s so bad.”

“Let’s just say the prospect of a little angel for his next urban rodeo will, well, consist of zigzagging through the prickly pear cacti on a limping donkey…”, laughs Gaspard Proust. And he continues to insist: “I mean, the prospect for a little angel who to see a Foot Locker window again needs a plane ticket and a visa instead of going through a subway barrier, chances are they’re going to do reflexology. »

After seeing the extract from the column, former Europe 1 journalist Lise Pressac said to herself “Sad to see our old microphones dirty”. Guy Birenbaum also expressed his annoyance: “It’s so bad that we wonder if it wasn’t ‘written’ ten minutes earlier, on the corner of the table, at the bar next to it. Fortunately, no one listens to Europe anymore.

In addition to these journalists, political figures also expressed their anger. On the same social network, LFI delegate Paul Vannier compared the excerpt to Radio-Paris, a Nazi propaganda media during World War II. As for his colleague Nathan Bothereau, he announced that he would contact Arcom after describing Gaspard Proust as “sickening”.

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