Grégory Montel’s outburst of anger against the American giant

The actor, made famous by the cult series France 2, plays the leading role Enchanted on Art. As a guest of “Buzz TV” he discusses his moving fiction and the future of Ten percent and rants against Netflix.

Gregory Montel is not just the friendly Gabriel of Ten percent. Revealed to the general public thanks to this series that has become cult, the actor has other strings to his bow. To start with The enchanted, this moving fiction was broadcast on Friday on Arte and in which he plays a father with an intellectual disability opposite his 6-year-old daughter. As she begins to read and write, she realizes that her father is unable to do so. “ The father is confronted with his own disability and his realization is overwhelming », confides Grégory Montel. “ And the little girl’s understanding will also complicate the situation. How does he deal with this difference? He will have to help his daughter, but she will help him too. »

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A real melodrama, The enchanted stars this father-daughter duo who are separated by everything but have never been so close: “ This fic is treated as a story with very dream-like elements, but is not at all miserabilistic. Sometimes father and daughter are emotionally and mentally equal and it is a lot of fun to play. This film is a supposed melodrama. We have to prepare the tissues! », warns the actor.

Grégory Montel admits that the role could have been played by an actor with an intellectual disability. However, the production decided to call on him: “ I realize that a disabled person could have played the role. Production asked the question. But with a six-year-old daughter, these were two complex issues to deal with and they decided to hire a professional actor “, he explains before adding: “ I understand there’s cultural appropriation, but if you’re an actor, you can play that. And that also allowed me to understand it: I went to a home with people with disabilities to meet them and understand them..”

“I haven’t read anything about the film yet Ten percent in preparation, but of course I will go on the adventure again! »

Gregory Montel

Returning to Ten percentthe series in which he appeared in the role of Gabriel Sarda, the star agent with a big heart, Grégory Montel once again confirms his pride: “Ten percent, it was an extraordinary adventure that changed my life. If you’re an actor, it’s great to have great success! People stop us on the street, they call me Gabriel… I love this series and I embrace it, but I also try to show that I know how to do something else “, he specifies.

The role of Netflix, which broadcasts the series internationally, is no stranger to the success of Ten percenteven though Grégory Montel harbors resentment towards the American streaming platform: “ It’s true that Netflix changed everything! I’ve done eight international productions, I filmed in the last John Woo… Although I haven’t received a cent in royalties, while ”Ten Percent” is on Netflix in 80 countries and has a million views. I hope this will change in the future.” Finally, the actor talks about the film in preparation for the sequel Ten percent : “ I don’t know yet if it will be for TV or cinema. Fanny Herrero is working on it, which is very reassuring for everyone. I haven’t read anything yet, but I’m excited to start this adventure again. “, he says.

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