Here are the foods you should never give to robins!

What foods are poisonous to birds? Can we give them bread? And sweet cookies? Here you can read which foods you should never feed to robins and why you shouldn’t!

What do robins eat?

what do robins eat seeds fruits insects

The robin is one of the most popular birds among people. Their presence can immediately surprise you thanks to their color that contrasts with the winter gray. The songs of Erithacus rubecula (the Latin name) are also very funny. Who needs music with such a life singer in the garden? But to attract them, you need to provide them with food.

In summer, they naturally purify the garden from various pests, as they feed on insects. Beetles, butterflies, flies, aphids and mosquitoes are an integral part of their menu. Moreover, they like to feast on earthworms.

But in winter these resources are limited. This is why robins quickly adapt by changing their menu. From about November onwards you can see them visiting certain fruit bushes, such as berries. That is why they are often used when making Christmas cards. Additionally, they can enjoy nutritious seeds and nuts. Of course they can’t crack a nut, but if you put a few small pieces in the food bowls they will appreciate it.

What food should you never give to robins?

Food never to give to robins, poisonous to birds

After reading the previous paragraph, many questions probably come to mind, right? What about bread, vegetables, dried fruit from the supermarket? This is what you should never give to robins! Even though they are beautiful, they are not as intelligent as you and sometimes their hunger and appetite is so strong that they realize that this food is not good for them. Think about it. Even though sugar is not good for your health, you still consume it. So what makes you think a little bird can make better choices than you? So be responsible not to harm our little feathered friends.

  • Even if you have leftovers, never give bread to robins. There are better ways to reuse it. But why ? The reason is simple. They can’t digest it!
  • As with some people, lactose can cause digestive problems. It can even be fatal for birds. So forget about adding milk or cheese to the food bowls.
  • Avocado has become very popular lately. There are a dozen reasons why you should take it off your menu. But when it comes to birds, there is only one: this fruit contains persin, a toxic substance for them.
  • The fact that birds eat insects in the summer does not mean they should be fed meat in the winter. You’re violating their natural life cycle while hurting their little stomachs.
  • As we already mentioned, robins like to eat dried fruit. However, be careful when purchasing raisins commercially. Their high sugar content can harm them.
  • When we talk about sugar, we must also exclude chocolate.

Why doesn’t the robin come to the feeder?

why the robin does not come to the homemade bird feeder

There are several possible reasons. First of all, wild birds know that food is on bushes and trees and do not expect to find it in a wooden house in the garden. Unlike other animals, scientists say robins have no sense of smell. So they need time to find this new food source. And you have to be patient.

A poor position of the feeder is another possibility. These specimens need to feel protected, so if the feeder is in the middle of the garden, they become an easy target for predators. It is better to place it near a climbing plant, preferably with evergreen leaves.

Have you chosen the right ingredients for the robin menu? If the nest box is filled with large seeds and nuts that won’t fit in their small beak, they have no reason to stay there. This food is likely to attract squirrels.

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