Here you will find this sweater with large flowers that we see everywhere on social networks

Fashion pieces with a little vintage touch, possibly inspired by the 70s, are currently on the rise. The proof: this very comfortable white sweater with large colorful flowers can be found absolutely everywhere on social networks. We’ve seen it with many influencers, but the thing is: if you want to get your hands on it, it’s impossible to buy it!

Luckily we did some research and found a site that has it for sale!

Where can you find the sweater with large colorful flowers that is currently popular on the networks?

If you (like us) fell in love with this sweater, you can buy it on the Mad Peonies website.

photo credit: panoramic

And good news for those on a limited budget: this cult piece only costs €49! It will certainly be necessary to add delivery, but the site creator also offers delivery. You just have to make sure you agree with her beforehand. We think it’s a great idea!

Please note: given the success of this sweater, it is often sold out. But the site is still offering it for pre-order, so as not to let it slip away.

photo credit: panoramic

70’s sweater, the hit of the moment!

No wonder this vintage-inspired sweater is so popular right now. It is completely trendy for this season. Among the trends inspired by the 90s, those of the 70s persist. The trend for ’70s-inspired sweaters, decorated with floral patterns and retro prints, is currently on the rise, reflecting the relaxed, bohemian aesthetic of this iconic era. The 1970s were a time of freedom and expression, and this is clearly reflected in the fashion of the time. Often associated with the hippie movement, floral prints have captured hearts with their vibrant and colorful designs. Today, modern designers and brands are reinterpreting these iconic elements to create contemporary sweaters that evoke nostalgia while remaining decidedly fashionable.

The 70s-style sweaters are distinguished by their striking floral prints. Flowers of all shapes and sizes bloom against backdrops that are often rich in color, reminiscent of the psychedelic atmosphere of the time. These floral prints bring a touch of freshness and cheerfulness to the wardrobe, making the sweater a key piece that catches the eye. What makes these sweaters particularly attractive is their versatility. They can be styled in different ways to suit different occasions. Paired with relaxed jeans, they create a relaxed, bohemian look, perfect for a day out in the city or a casual outing. Moreover, they can be easily combined with a flowing skirt for a feminine and romantic touch, ideal for an outing with friends or even a casual date.

70s prints aren’t just limited to florals. Geometric patterns, funky stripes and retro hues also contribute to the overall aesthetic of this trend. These sweaters are a living canvas where artistic expression comes to life, harkening back to a time when fashion was a platform for individuality and creativity. The materials used for these jerseys also play a crucial role. Lightweight knits, cotton blends and soft textures provide comfort without sacrificing style. Designed to be worn all year round, these sweaters will add a touch of eternal spring to your wardrobe, even in the depths of winter. Today’s designers have embraced this trend and reinvented ’70s classics to meet modern tastes and expectations. From iconic brands to independent designers, everyone is exploring the fashion archives to revive the free spirit of the ’70s with sweaters that tell a story of rebellion and creativity.

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