In “LFAUIT” on M6, this AI-made song crystallizes all the artists’ fears

David Corriveau's impersonation and deepfake song in LFAUIT
X @M6 David Corriveau’s impersonation and deepfake song in LFAUIT

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David Corriveau’s impersonation and deepfake song in LFAUIT

ENTERTAINMENT – It was unheard of on set France has incredible talent. This Tuesday, November 14, viewers could follow the 4th episode of the auditions for season 18 of LFAUIT on M6. Between dance numbers, magic, juggling, singing and even ventriloquism, the judges were able to witness a completely new performance: a singing number associated with impressive deepfake technology.

Quebec singer and impersonator David Corriveau has covered Céline Dion’s hits on camera. But on screen, it wasn’t his face or his facial expressions that the audience could see, but Quebec comedian and show judge Sugar Sammy. This song seduced the audience and the jury, to the point that it won the Golden Buzzer for the comedian whose face was borrowed.

However, just a few days after the end of the Hollywood strike, this issue has us thinking. Without the alternation with the fixed images of the impersonator, it is impossible for the viewer to realize that it is not the LFAUIT jury member who is singing, but someone else.

The artist, who was probably well aware of the subject, made a point of clarification before he even started: “ Artificial intelligence can arouse passions or fears; some worry that human talent could take over. But we are human talents who work together with artificial intelligence to overcome the boundaries. »

The inability to regulate deepfakes and AI

For almost four months, Hollywood actors continued to strike to demand guarantees over the use of their images and voices by artificial intelligence. This exciting topic was also the subject of the very last negotiations between SAG AFTRA and the big bosses of the studios before the agreement was finally signed.

David Corriveau’s achievement, while impressive, illustrates the potential abuses of using artificial intelligence. Because today, nothing concretely prevents this technology from imitating the face of anyone (dead or alive) and making them say anything and everything, through human impersonation or technology.

Many celebrities have already filed complaints on the other side of the Atlantic after unauthorized use of their image or voice, such as Tom Hanks and Scarlett Johansson. Robin Williams’ daughter also expressed her disgust at the use of her late father’s image and voice. Today in France there is no regulation that specifically regulates this type of performance, whether live or digital only. If there are any complaints, they will be studied and assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The use of deepfake in prime time, in one of the most watched entertainment shows in France, may at the same time make some viewers aware of the realism of this technology and the importance of carefully checking the sources of the information it conveys. .

But as the entire LFAUIT jury noted at M6 on Tuesday, November 14, David Corriveau’s vocal performance is, in addition to the technology, musically impressive. And that was rewarded with this third golden buzzer of the season.

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