In line with the Figaro group, the Gala magazine is doubling its ambitions

The takeover of the famous weekly magazine will be effective before the end of November.

At the end of 2023, the Figaro Group will welcome a French flagship of the magazine press. It has just acquired the weekly magazine from Vivendi and subsidiary Prisma Media Gala which has established itself in recent decades as a reference in the celebrity press and has become a powerful digital player in Europe. “It was a great opportunity for our group to continue the transformation of its economic model, integrating a highly digitalized and complementary reference magazine with our other titles. It has a strong dynamic in terms of current affairs, even beyond the people.” comments Marc Feuillée, Managing Director of the Figaro Group. The European Commission approved the operation on Wednesday and the takeover will be effective before the end of November.

In just three years Gala will have changed hands twice: at the end of 2021 it passed from the hands of Bertelsmann to those of Vivendi and today to the Figaro group. “The fact that Gala’s arrival to the Figaro group takes place in the year of the magazine’s 30th anniversary bodes well,” Matthias Gurtler, editor-in-chief of Gala. “ The strength of the Figaro Group will help us achieve our goals of growth and permanent innovation », agrees the journalist, who has been present in the Gala House for almost fifteen years.

The 60 journalists outGala (out of a total of 70 employees), divided over print, the website and the video service, have all chosen to continue the adventure. In the coming months, they plan to settle in Paris, rue de l’Abbé-Groult, together with other employees of the Figaro group.

Great expertise in social networks

“The editorial line of Gala is to tell the story, to show the person beyond the personality » ,explains Matthias Gurtler. “ By capturing natural moments of celebrities outside of photocalls, whether they are the more classic stars of film, fashion or music, but in recent years also increasingly politicians and athletes.”he specifies.

With the integration of Gala , the Figaro Group will particularly benefit from the title’s great expertise in social networks, while the brand has more than 9.4 million subscribers on TikTok (60% of them abroad). This makes it the first European media account on the most downloaded application in the world, and the fourth worldwide, after MTV and before Vogue. “ With TikTok, Gala has been able to create the CNN of glamor and find a form of identity since the pandemic, in a context where celebrities are increasingly profiling themselves on social networks, believes Matthias Gurtler. Today we consider ourselves a tri-media, between print, internet and the video component social networks .»

“The magazines that have managed to change their model to reach audiences across all media are not so numerous” , says Marc Feuillée for his part. In addition to the celebrity aspect, there is also the editorial offering Gala aimed at women (fashion, beauty, lifestyle) is also a strategic sector for the Figaro group, which already has the general public site in its portfolio The Women’s Magazine and the premium press title Mrs. Figaro . By combining these three brands, Figaro Group will reach 14.6 million women, or 52% of the female population in France.

The profitable ‘Gala’ achieved half of its 40 million euro turnover from advertising in 2022

From behind the scenes of Pharrell Williams’ fashion show for the luxury brand Louis Vuitton at the Pont-Neuf to the indiscretions of the Ballon d’Or ceremony, including the dinner that President Emmanuel Macron hosted a few weeks ago for Charles III at the palace of Versailles, the teams of Galaare everywhere. “ The magazine’s first influencers are ultimately our journalists in the field », slips the editorial director. The paid distribution in France ofGala is 123,123 copies per week, including about 20,000 subscribers to the glossy print magazine, according to the latest OJD data. “The digital subscription can only be an additional advantage for Gala, very targeted at the audience (more than 1.1 million readers daily, editor’s note) and free content», specifies Matthias Gurtler. Every year, during the Cannes Film Festival, the editorial team also publishesGala Croisettea daily newspaper of 96 pages in French and English versions, distributed in 15,000 copies in the major hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues on the Croisette, thanks to about thirty advertising partners.

Profitable,Galaachieved half of its turnover of 40 million euros from advertising in 2022. After the integration period, Le Groupe Figaro enGalawill look at the various natural economic and editorial synergies that will be realized in the coming months, around a common advertising agency, reader pools, cross-promotions, newsletters or even ticket sales for events… “We will continue to innovate from spring 2024. With the wish to include Gala in the editorial wishes of the Figaro group», concludes Matthias Gurtler.

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