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Françoise Hardy Jacques Dutronc's alarming revelations about his health

Jacques Dutronc has made a number of unreassuring confessions about his ex Françoise Hardy, who is near the end of her life.

Françoise Hardy’s health condition has been worrying her fans for several years. And it is not without reason that the actress is the victim of serious health problems. Her ex, Jacques Dutronc, gave little reassuring news about her.

‘She wanted to leave me? »

A few years ago, Jacques Dutronc and Françoise Hardy had a love story. From this idyll a boy was born named Thomas Dutronc. On the other hand, the latter is very worried about his mother. And for good reason, she’s at her worst.

But this Sunday, November 12, it was Jacques Dutronc who spoke about the love of his life. The journalist from Sept à Huit on TF1 confided: “For twenty years you make an iconic couple. You didn’t spare her, did you?”.

Jacques Dutronc then admitted: “I always found it difficult to say words of love to him, I find it difficult to say that. It’s not my thing, I don’t know. You have to guess. I don’t know, I can’t do it”.

On the other hand, he still clarified: “It’s not my thing, I don’t know. You have to guess. I don’t know, I can’t do it”. He also confided that he had done so forgot that Françoise Hardy had left him.

The journalist then reminded Thomas Dutronc’s father: “She got tired of waiting and finally left you. She says you didn’t like it.”. The artist then replied: ‘She wanted to leave me? You did well to teach me that! ».

Jacques Dutronc talks about Françoise Hardy

Audrey Crespo-Mara then insisted: “Do not you know?” It was in 1987 ». To which Françoise Hardy’s ex said: “No, I didn’t know anything about it. I do not know anymore.”.

Even if Jacques Dutronc and his ex have decided to split up, they still remain married. “I don’t marry to divorce, the 80-year-old man blurted. The journalist asked: “Do you think you’re inseparable?” ».

“Like birds?” why not ? It seems difficult to me there now », then confirmed the main person involved. During this interview, the host wanted to know more about Françoise Hardy’s health condition.

So she asked: “Is she feeling a little better today?” ». On the other side: his Dude made some less than reassuring admissions about his ex-wife.

“She can’t get better.”

Jacques Dutronc assured on the set of Sept à Huit about his ex-wife: “Is she feeling a little better today?” She can’t get better. She has a lot of courage. Naturally, I wish she would get betterBut how should you do that? ».

During this interview, he also revealed that it was alcohol that allowed him to get closer to the singer. He revealed: “It’s her fault because she was the one who made cocktails”.

And also to emphasize: “Well, she doesn’t know anything about it… She took all the bottles and mixed and we drank. Well, it’s like two magnets”. On the other hand, he has since given up alcohol.

If Jacques Dutronc continues to smoke cigars, he will no longer drink drinks. One thing is certain, the latter brought back fond memories with Françoise Hardy. There is no doubt that he is nostalgic for this period with the actress.

For her part, the one who is at the end of her life confirmed that she would never recover if her son’s father died before her.

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