Jean-Pierre Foucault fired because of his age? Those involved respond to shocked reactions

By Sandra Ratesson

| Media section manager

At almost 38 years old, Sandra Ratesson has seen many television shows, presenters and reality TV candidates. As a member of the Club Dorothée generation, she saw the appearance and disappearance of countless programs. She saw the scene of the physical rapprochement between Loana and Jean-Edouard in the Loft Story swimming pool live thanks to a vintage ADSL subscription.

Famous presenter Jean-Pierre Foucault revealed that he was fired! The reason ? His old age (he is 75 years old). He shared his distress on his Twitter account and alluded to the health problems he has recently experienced. Those involved also responded to him.

Jean-Pierre Foucault fired after his thirties because of his age: “My health problem must have been fatal”

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Update: Mutuelle Générale quickly responded to Jean-Pierre Foucault’s post, surprised and unhappy that he had been fired, namely removed from his contract, because he suspected that his age and health problems had caused all this. Faced with the magnitude of this famous member’s tweet, the company responded to X (former Twitter) by stating under the host’s publication: “You can rest assured that you will still enjoy the benefits of your contract. Termination is not effective. As indicated by telephone, the letter was sent to you in error and we apologize for this. Kind regards, La Mutuelle Générale.

A public correction that the well-known presenter took into account as he shows in the comments: “Therefore, I thank you for your responsiveness and thank you to all those here who have given me their support. The case is closed.

Poor Jean-Pierre Foucault, 75 years old and severely laid off. The legendary host who can now be found every year at the presentation of the Miss France competition – the election of Miss France 2024 will take place on December 16 – expressed a terrible injustice on his Twitter account.

The ex-star will arrive on Thursday, November 9 Who wants to be a millionaire? shared his bitterness with his community (with a touch of humor). He was simply excluded from his health insurance. “Thanks to La Mutuelle Générale who just fired me after 30 years! Definitely too old! My health problem this winter must have been fatal! (not for me luckily) but for themhe wrote, tagging the mutual and adding a crying emoji.

Jean-Pierre Foucault refers to the terrible health problem he recently experienced. Last May he said he had suffered cardiac arrest and “collapsed in front of his home in Carry-Le-Rouet“, a small town 30 km from Marseille.”It’s when you get off the plane in Marignane (Marseille Airport, editor’s note)that I felt a strong tightness in my chest. (…) I still took the car towards the house, located about twenty minutes from the airport. Once there, I could no longer climb the few steps separating me from the front door. I lay down on the ground in the garden and we called for help.“, he said. He ended up in the hospital and underwent surgery. During his time in intensive care, the doctors told Jean-Pierre Foucault that in reality he was “suffered from two minor cardiac arrests !“.

Jean-Pierre Foucault victim of an illegal act?

Does Jean-Pierre Foucault’s insurer have the right to terminate the contract because of his age? The answer is yes! As the site explains Borrowedcredit and insurance expert,”it is a right that the insurer no longer has to reimburse from a certain age“and there are”precise conditions for the use of this right, an age limit stated in the health insurance fund for seniors; a notice period that must be observed when terminating a contract; solutions to remain optimally protected as a senior.”

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