LIVE – OM: follow Gattuso and Renan Lodi’s conference for Lens

Could a five-man defense be considered? Gattuso not a fan

Gattuso: “We can do anything in life… We could go to 5, but that’s not the case at the moment. My full-backs have to be able to attack and defend. With a 5-man defense we might be able to create more. But I am very satisfied with the team in its current system. Having alternatives is positive, but with the equipment I have I think we will remain that way. You can ask me the question later, I hope not to resort to it. “

Gattuso about the clash against Lens: “We should not be afraid”

“You don’t have to see this match as a reference match. We need the same mentality as in the match against Lille. The team is very competitive. There are matches in which we suffer more, but we should not be afraid of it. Opponent and what That could mean for the rest of the season. Tomorrow we shouldn’t be afraid. We are ready. We shouldn’t put too much pressure on ourselves.”

Gattuso on Aubameyang’s return

“He is available. We did tests yesterday and today. He is available for the match. I don’t know if he will start or if he has the right to play 30-40 minutes. We are sure of what we will do with him doing.” Everyone thinks about the good of the team. Even two days ago it would have been impossible to say he would have been available on Sunday.”

Gattuso on Kondogbia’s return to Lens, his former club

“When a player is over 30, there are no longer these kinds of emotions. He may feel emotions when he applauds for the first few minutes. He has known great clubs. The emotion should disappear quickly. He is a player who has enormous experience “He means a lot to OM. I didn’t have to talk to him about it (the fact that he is returning to Bollaert, editor’s note).”

Gattuso about Kondogbia: “An example that everyone should follow”

“I already talked about it, he is a player of a very high level, his career speaks for him. Just like Rongier and Veretout. The most important thing to emphasize is his humility. He has a great humility. He is an example for the youngest.” We need players like him to grow. It is fundamental to create an excellent group. Important to have players who have a huge attachment to the jersey. He is an example for everyone to follow.”

Gattuso on his team’s playing style

“We have to play vertically to avoid the first counter-pressure. I have been here for fifty days. It is clear that we have not yet achieved perfection. We want to combine more. We mainly try to pass on the first counter-pressure to impose our game. Our matches should not become table tennis matches where the ball goes from one side to the other.’

Gattuso on his defense

“I have four high-quality central defenders. I will not give details about the line-up for tomorrow. It is up to me to form the team. As for Meité, I congratulate him. I know he will have a great match if he ever will.” play tomorrow.”

Gattuso about the match against Lens: “A great battle”

“Tomorrow’s meeting will not be crucial for the season. We may think this is the case given the rankings, but there are still many games to go. Lens is the team that runs the most in L1. It is a very physical team, in a very aggressive system. We prepared for the match, but after Thursday’s match we have little energy. That is no excuse. We will be ready. We will have to fight and show a lot of attention. It’s going to be a big battle.”

Gattuso in his group for Lens (with Aubameyang)

“Aubameyang (in training next Saturday, editor’s note) is available, we did a test this morning. He is looking forward to playing, everything is fine. Rongier will have surgery in Paris on Monday. Blanco should be available. Mughe will are not available. And Ounahi is not in the group.’

Renan Lodi on Lens

“It will be a difficult match. Lens plays in the Champions League and plays very well at home. A win would put us at the top of the rankings. We are ready for it.”

Renan Lodi on his favorite system

“4-man defense or 5-man defense? I can play in two positions, in both systems. It’s the coach’s choice. I feel more comfortable in a 4-man defense, but if I have to play in a 5-man defense , I’ll do it.” by doing my best.”

Renan Lodi about the difficulties outside

“We had to adapt with the change of coach. We had problems even though we didn’t play that bad. I think we will win, we have to do it to return to the top places. We have to win home and away. The fans can’t wait for us to win. It will happen, we have to be patient.”

Renan Lodi praises Kondogbia: “I am his number 1 fan”

“I love his character, it’s exceptional. He’s a great player. He’s a warrior. As soon as he loses the ball, he immediately tries to get it back. I’m his biggest fan! He tries to play, to score. ..He is complete and I hope he stays with OM for a long time!”

“Would he have a place in the Brazilian selection? If I were a coach, I would do everything I could to ensure that he makes the Brazilian selection (laughs). He is an essential player, very complete.”

Renan Lodi about Kondogbia, who counted when he signed for OM

“He helped me a lot when I came here. He is like a brother to me. I don’t speak French yet, it was important for me that he helped me. On the field he gives everything. I spoke to him before I came here signed He pushed me to come here. I didn’t really know what OM stood for. I am currently experiencing what it is like to be at this club. I really love this club. I realize its greatness. Kondogbia has been very important for me, here and at Atlético.”

Renan Lodi about OM’s playing style

“There have been changes between Marcelino and Gattuso. We are very happy to work with Gattuso. It takes time to develop a playing style. I hope we have continuity. All players are concentrated to implement their ideas on the spot. That can’t be done in a few weeks. It takes a long time to achieve these results.”

Renan Lodi on Gattuso’s contribution

“With Marcelino it was a different vision of the game, perhaps more defensive. Gattuso shows more intensity. I am not saying that this was not the case with Marcelino. Gattuso asks us to be calm, to hold the ball, to open the spaces find ways to attack. When we don’t have the ball, we have to put pressure on the opponent. Personally, he asks me to attack, he gives me a lot of freedom on the field, with a lot of responsibility, also defensively.”

Renan Lodi on the state of mind of Marseille

“I can say that there hasn’t really been any continuity with Marcelino. Nobody thinks about themselves in the dressing room. That goes even more for Gattuso. There is no star. There has really been a lot of work done within the club.” the team, that is our strength, regardless of what is said outside. We are going to give the fans a lot of fun.”

Renan Lodi on his areas of progress

“As soon as I arrived I said I had to improve defensively. I think with Marcelino and Gattuso I have improved overall. I am defending better. I will also be able to attack better.”

Renan Lodi on winning the Europa League

“I believe the win away (in Athens) was necessary for us. This win was fundamental. Important to rebuild confidence within the team.”

Gattuso and Lodi meet at 2 p.m

Gennaro Gattuso and Renan Lodi will answer questions from journalists from 2 p.m. To be continued in this live.

Aubameyang present at training, possible comeback against Lens?

Withdrawal due to muscle problems (thigh) Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was uncertain for Lens-OM on the field of AEK Athens in the Europa League on Thursday evening. But the Gabonese international striker will be at the Commanderie grounds for training on Saturday with his teammates.

Staying in Marseille during the trip to Greece allowed “Aubam” to provide maximum care and his presence during this match night session is a positive sign, even if it doesn’t mean he is 100%.

Gennaro Gattuso will tell his news at a press conference, but Aubameyang could well be in the group for Lens-OM.


The postponement of OM-OL is at the heart of the debates

Vincent Ponsot, Corentin Tolisso, Fabio Grosso… On Friday, the Lyonnais did not regret the postponement of OM-OL at the Vélodrome on December 6, and the lack of sanctions against the Marseille club. Gattuso is expected to be questioned on the subject next Saturday to give his views.

Conference day in Marseille

After the solid victory in Athens on Thursday evening in the Europa League (2-0), OM travels to Lens on Sunday evening at the end of the 12th matchday of the Ligue 1, for a duel between two contenders for the podium… who will not have their season didn’t start well.

This Saturday, Gennaro Gattuso will speak at a press conference from 2 p.m. To be continued in the live commentary of RMC Sport.

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