Luis Campos’ juicy revelations behind the scenes of the transfer window

The Campos Method. This is the program offered on Friday evening to students of the prestigious economics school Sorbonne. As an exceptional guest, the Portuguese manager was able to describe his way of working at Paris Saint-Germain. The football advisor of the capital club, the central architect of the Ile-de-France transfer window, took the floor to put forward his vision and his way of building a squad, which today is more based on the idea of collective. “At PSG we have the example of one or two players who change a lot this year and are better adapted. We are much more concerned with collective thinking. It means that everyone can shine. This is a new direction the club has taken and I believe it will result in fewer failures for certain players. The puzzle is taking shape… but only the field will validate the work done or not.”Campos first recalled.

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Luis Campos reveals his working method

A conference where the person concerned, who passed through Monaco and Lille, also had the opportunity to present one of his most important theories, known as the “puzzle”at a time when the reigning French champions have decided to make a 180 degree turn in their sporting policy with the departure of Lionel Messi and Neymar and the arrival of a number of less bling-bling players. “Football is a team sport, for me a team is a puzzle of 22-24 players”Campos then admitted, using PowerPoint to support it, while basing it on the image of a puzzle of the Eiffel Tower. “This puzzle is very beautiful. But if you remove two pieces and replace them with pieces from another really nice puzzle… the Eiffel Tower is terrible. However, we got some really nice pieces from another place. Sometimes we say about a player: ‘He’s extraordinary, I love him’. But you have to see if he fits well into the team, otherwise he will destroy your work..

Reims – PSG: likely line-ups

To illustrate his comments, Luis Campos also emphasized this idea of ​​complementarity, basing his argument on an example from Monaco. “The most important thing is the connection between each player, like in neurology. You can have eleven extraordinary players, but if they don’t connect, it doesn’t work. What I am strong at is finding players who can combine well with each other. When Monaco became champions in 2017 (he took part in building the squad between 2013 and 2016, ed.), the club’s strength was the connection between all these players. The year after the title, Monaco sold Bernardo Silva for a lot of money and put a lot of money on another player to replace him (he doesn’t name the player, editor’s note). They bought the player with the best stats in the world. But they forgot that he played along the line all the time… where Djibril Sidibé used to play..

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Theories and the sense of collectivity are at the heart of the transfer window!

Determined to present his actions as best as possible, the person concerned also reiterated his wish to do so “defend the culture of the club, the city and everything that has been established in recent years” when decisions are made in the transfer market. With this in mind, the Portuguese then took on a new, more technical consideration. The one that distinguishes players A1, A2 and B1. Here too there is a theory that underlies its functioning during the transfer period. “When I go to a meeting with the coach before the transfer window, I come with 9 players per position, with 3 price ranges: transfer amount and salary capabilities. For me, a team should have four A1 players, a fundamental player who can win games or points on his own. An A1 in the goalkeeper position, an A1 in defense, an A1 in midfield and an A1 in attack. He is the backbone of the team.”‘, Campos confided before clarifying.

“Not two, not three… just one A1 for each line. Then there are the B1’s, the young players who can one day become A1. They are free electrons, young people with extraordinary talent who have been sold for a lot of money. Bernardo Silva, Nicolas Pépé in Lille… They have all transformed into extraordinary players. After all, the A2s are team players. They are not the best in the world, but they are very important.”. Without naming names, the Parisian leader accurately revealed his method, while making some provocative statements: “a square head will never understand a round ball”. Finally, he spoke about the new direction that Paris Saint-Germain was taking. The Esposende resident, who has doubted possible casting errors in recent years, then promised fewer failures if the club were guided by this collective spirit. Before concluding: “the puzzle is taking shape… but only the field will validate the work done or not”. New reaction element, this Saturday at 5 p.m., with the trip of PSG to the field of the Stade de Reims.

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