N.B.A. What does Draymond Green risk after his strangulation of Rudy Gobert?

A long strangulation of several seconds, surprise and undoubtedly a very severe punishment. On Tuesday, November 14, spectators at San Francisco’s Chase Center were stunned to witness another massacre of their local bad boy, Draymond Green.

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While the match between Minnesota and Golden State was just getting started, the Warriors strong winger intervened in a fight between his teammate Klay Thompson and Jaden McDaniels (Timberwolves). The strong 33-year-old (1.98 m, 104 kg) then grabbed Frenchman Rudy Gobert by the neck for several seconds, almost knocking him backwards. A strangulation according to the rules of the art that stunned the meeting.*

Draymond Green, in the tradition of Dennis Rodman?

Surprising? Yes and no if we know the sulphurous character that is Draymond Green. Like Dennis Rodman, famous for his escapades and the gritty 1990s basketball he was immersed in, the four-time NBA champion is no novice in the art of excess.

Last season, he was sent off during a play-off match against Sacramento for deliberately stepping on Lithuanian Domantas Sabonis, who was lying on the ground at the time. In 2022, he dealt a violent blow to his teammate Jordan Pool during training. And the examples of his very rough play, sometimes bordering on the rule, are well known in the NBA.

In the aftermath of his chokehold on Rudy Gobert, who called the scene “clown behavior”, Draymond Green was immediately banned, as were the two players who started the fight (Thompson and McDaniels). But the experienced Californian heartland paid dearly for his madness. Because the NBA is not in the habit of being lenient with this kind of behavior.

Ron Artest, a record 86-game suspension

The North American League is concerned about its image and is an expert on long-term sanctions. For example, last June, Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant was given a 25-game suspension after being filmed with a gun in his hand for the second time. As far as fighting goes, a player like Carmelo Anthony, then in Denver, was sidelined for 15 games in 2006 after punching an opponent in the face.

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But the harshest punishment went to Ron Artest in 2004. The winger from Indiana received an 86-game suspension. after a fight with fans during an electric game against Detroit. During the same battle, Pacers players Stephen Jackson and Jermaine O’Neal were sidelined for 30 and 15 games respectively… Conversely, a player like Ben Simmons (Philadelphia leader) was not sanctioned in 2019 after his choking of Karl-Anthony Towns during a game between the Sixers and the… Minnesota Timberwolves.

The difference is that there is no doubt about the deliberately violent nature of Green’s gesture. And then the long calling card of the Warriors interior could work against him this time. The NBA should probably make a ruling by the end of the week. It seems unlikely that Draymond Green will slip through the cracks.

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