Netflix plans to expand its cloud gaming service on TV and PC and wants to compete with gaming consoles

Netflix wants to strengthen its gaming offering by focusing on the cloud. The company announced that it is developing streaming experiences exclusively for televisions and PCs. This is what we already know.

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Netflix is ​​not just about films, series and other documentaries. The SVOD leader also has a gaming platform and has notably added one of the best games of 2022 to its catalog. To strengthen his position and one day become one of the big names in gaming, Netflix will focus on cloud gaming, as announced by head of games Leanne Loombe.

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Netflix is ​​developing its cloud gaming offering for TV and PC

We think so a real opportunity with the cloud to create a Netflix-friendly gaming experience on TV » says Leanne Loombe. After streaming for media content, now comes streaming for gaming. A technology used by Xbox Game Pass, Nvidia GeForce Now or even the defunct Google Stadia.

But can Netflix gain the upper hand in such a competitive market? Between Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and the aforementioned services, everyone wants their piece of the pie of the enormous financial windfall that video games represent. The company wants to strengthen its offering because if several titles are accessible on mobile, only two can be played on televisions and PCs. Not enough to convince players well established in other ecosystems.

Netflix indicates yes games designed to be played only on TV and PC through the cloud. The mobile format is not suitable for this.

The change based on the platform used will happen when we start to develop cloud gaming in other regions and offer more games. They are creatively different from the mobile titles we produce. Sometimes games we launch on Netflix are available via the cloud on mobile, TV and PC. For example, there will be a cloud game that is only played on TV because it is tailored to that experience.

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Clearly : Netflix will produce its own exclusive films. Necessary to distinguish yourself from the many offers on the market. The company is obviously counting on the popularity of its streaming service to find a place among the players already present.

Netflix cloud gaming for now is being tested for a handful of users in England and Canada. The company tests its technology to improve the player experience over time.

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Netflix is ​​very happy with the number of players

Netflix has already started its efforts to create this exclusive experiences by hiring Joseph Staten, veteran of the Bungie studio to whom we have to thank destination or Halo.

The SVOD platform will also rest on its algorithm to suggest games to users, taking into account their support. If you are using a mobile phone, we do not recommend a title intended for television.

But does Netflix Gaming really work? After all, the platform isn’t talked about much. Leanne Loombe wants to be reassuring: “ In the current situation we are very happy with the number of players. This scale and investment are relative to the number of members playing. As with any new activity, we expect that as we grow, more users will play over time. And we are very happy with the current trajectory “. There is no doubt that the results will be visible in several years, hoping that Netflix Gaming will not end up like Stadia.

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