“Rare are the weeks when I don’t win anything”… The Loto and drawing games are always well appreciated by our readers

Since Monday, the family of drawing games has grown in France. Almost ninety years after the first draw of the National Lottery, on November 7, 1933, Française des jeux, of which she is the heir, launched EuroDreams, a new lottery whose winnings are paid out in the form of an annuity. This can amount to €20,000 per month for thirty years, or €7.2 million in total. The opportunity to survey our readers about their gaming habits (or not) and their craziest wins.

It is clear that some internet users are regular players. Marc often tries his luck at EuroMillions, Loto and Super Loto. “Minimal bets cost no more than a snack or pocket money I pay to my kids, so why not if I’m lucky,” he explains. Not to mention that depending on the circumstances, you can get your stake back. » The new FDJ draw and the two draws per week appealed to him: “I’m going to try EuroDreams, but when I think about it, it’s less interesting, especially because you have less chance of getting your money back there. »

Up to €50 lottery per week

Other readers are even more diligent, like Christelle, who has made a habit of the game: “I play Goal when I buy my cigarettes. I only take two, and I rarely win €1, and even more rarely €10. I think you sometimes have to play a larger amount than €2 to win a little more. » For Steve, trying your luck is even “a leisure activity”. He plays one grid per Loto draw, five grids per EuroMillions draw and now one grid per EuroDreams draw, for a total of €49 per week. “Rare are the weeks in which I earn nothing at all,” he exclaims. Two weeks ago I had €90 in earnings, and last week €50. » He even says he has already won €800 in the Loto and €280 in EuroMillions, as well as €1,000 in the Black Jack scratch game. His relatives also won big, up to 250,000 francs (about €53,500) in 2000. “That’s why I believe in it and play on my grids every week,” he says.

Our high rollers have a very clear idea of ​​what they would do if they hit the jackpot. For Christelle “no bling-bling, no palace or designer clothes, nor Porsche”. Her goal is very clear: “I’m buying a place to live and another one for my mother’s old age. I put the rest for my child and some for me. I travel occasionally and when I can, I help my loved ones. » Steve’s project, in addition to providing shelter for his family and friends, is very different: “Rescuing old abandoned houses, renovating them, bringing them back to life by offering them for rent to generate a kind of self-financing for other purchases of real estate and continue to save our real estate assets. I would also like to visit every region of France and discover as many things as possible that represent each region of our beautiful country. »

“We spend more than we earn”

Some of our readers are more reasonable and, like Sébastien, only play when the amounts become astronomical. I don’t play often and if one day I am lucky enough to win the jackpot, it will be for an amount that would change my life and that of my family for several generations.” Others are downright skeptical: “I hate playing these kinds of games because we spend more than we earn,” Sandrine adds. Playing twice a year and preferring to save money and have fun with it, she believes “you can’t spend a fortune saying to yourself, ‘maybe one day it will be me.’ ”, then there are so few chances to win. I think we can quickly become addicted, people around me have been playing for more than €20 per week for twenty years and no profit! »

Steve is aware of addiction: “I know from experience what it means, with my father who plays a lot. I know you have to set boundaries, and that’s what I did. »

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