Sancet: “I hope for the European Championships and the Olympic Games”

Sancet: “I hope for the European Championships and the Olympic Games”

Athletic Club midfielder Oihan Sancet (23), called up for the Spanish selection for the second time, does not hide in an interview with AFP that he would like to go to the Olympic Games and the European Championship next year. He calls himself “very happy” with Luis de la Fuente’s call.

It is not easy to be called up to the Spanish national team. And even less to be again. But there, Sancet trying to earn his place in a midfield where competition is fierce.

Does he like his second chance at La Roja, after a debut in October marked by a goal?

“Very happy. It was already a dream to make my debut for the national team during the previous call-up. I am very happy that the work I am doing is paying off.”

Do you think you have a chance to be part of coach Luis de la Fuente’s squad?

“It’s up to the coach. I’m focused on the success of the club and anything that comes from that is welcome, and I hope I can be here more often.”

How was your adjustment to the Reds after these two call-ups?

“I know several players from the lower categories, I have played with them, against them, and the truth is that it is much easier and I feel very good in the group.”

What is your relationship with Luis de la Fuente?

“I have known him for many years in the youth teams. He trusts me, I trust him and we have a very good relationship.”

What does the coach ask of you?

“Every coach sees football in a different way, plays in a different way and ultimately asks different things from you. But because you are here with players of such a high level, the adjustment is very easy. It is very easy to to play next to them.”

Sancet and Fabián in training.


Do you feel comfortable in your role on the field?

“I feel comfortable, I identify well with the national team’s game and the truth is that I feel comfortable.”

Have you noticed any differences with your play at Athletic Club?

“No, the game is quite similar. We play in very similar systems: 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3? And whether you like it or not, even though there are differences, many things are similar each other and that makes adjustment easier.”

They will face Georgia and Cyprus…

“We have to concentrate on winning. We know we are qualified (for Euro 2024), but that is not the question. We want to finish top of the group and we have to do everything we can to try to win both games and if to finish first.”

Doesn’t the qualification already acquired run the risk of leading to a certain relaxation?

“No, even though we are qualified, we want to finish first, we want first place, so we know we have to go for the two wins and first place (in the group).”

Next year there will be the European Championships and the Olympic Games, do you have a preference for one of these events?

“I don’t know which I prefer, but I hope I can participate in both, so why not?”

You made your debut as a goalscorer at La Roja and you are a midfielder with an eye for goal…

“We are always in mind to score goals, to try to help the team score goals, which in the end is the most difficult thing in football. I don’t worry about scoring, but when I go on the field I have always looking forward to it.” Please note that I can help the team by scoring a goal.”

Athletic Club is the third team to deliver the most players to La Roja…

“It shows the excellent work we do, the good season rewards us and we often come to the national team. The truth is that it is a source of pride that so many Athletic players can be part of the team.”

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