Shadow and Bone will not get season 3, Netflix cancels several series

This is one of the fantasy events of the year 2021. In April of that year, the platform unveiled what promised to be an essential license in its catalog. With a solid community of readers already committed to her cause, and a number of young adults willing to invest in Alina Starkhov’s quest, Shadow and bone had everything to become a real success. The first season got off to a very good start and a sequel was soon announced. In March 2023, the public could finally see the second season of this adventure within the Grisha universe. Following this broadcast, the rumor about a first spin-off emerged Six of crows it didn’t take long to run. The creator Eric Heisserer was also entrusted with the microphoneEntertainment weekly I worked on this production, derived and adapted from the novels of the same name. But now, a few months after this encouraging news, Netflix is ​​putting an end to the exploration of Grisha’s world.

Deadline announces that the third season, as well as the surrounding projects, have been canceled completely. Viewers will therefore have to settle for an open ending, in which the Darkling was defeated by Alina, but also with the birth of a new threat. If the streaming service has not explained the reasons behind such a decision, the actors and writers’ strike could be an aggravating factor. Deadline also mentions the cost and performance ratio, an opaque system used by the company to determine the profitability of a future season. More broadly, this announcement comes at a crucial time for the streaming giants.

After spending lavishly for years, Netflix and others must consolidate their financial support in hopes of retaining their place in living rooms around the world. Netflix therefore looks at the costs, the results of Shadow and bone season 2 probably weren’t enough to warrant the start of a sequel. As the American media notes, the second round of episodes spent five weeks in the English-language TOP 10, but never managed to claim first place. The author took to Instagram to share her disappointment. She writes :

“The news hit hard. I am heartbroken and deeply disappointed, but I am trying to maintain some form of gratitude. Most authors never see their work edited. Many who do it end up regretting it. I am one of the lucky few who can look at an adjustment with pride and enormous joy.”

Shadow and bone isn’t the only production within the Netflix catalog to be affected. Other productions don’t even get the chance to be offered a second season.

Glamourous, Agent Elvis and Farzar are among the canceled courses

Heavy blow for Kim Cattrall who sees not just one, but two of her projects in ashes. The iconic Samantha from Sex and the City will not get the chance to appear in the film again Glamorous in the next months. A few months ago she had already had to say goodbye to Sophie, the character she played How I met your father streaming on Hulu. In the Netflix comedy, she played a makeup guru who takes a strange young adult under her wing.

There will also be changes on the animation side. The series AgentElvis, Farzar And Captain Val are not extended. The strike is not the only culprit for these three projects. Netflix’s adult animation did indeed change hands last year. These three projects are among those approved by the former management. If this format remains one of Netflix’s priorities, the company wants to continue with more precautions here too. This obviously requires the continuation of projects whose success is undeniable Big mouth For example. It remains to be seen whether the coming weeks will mark the death of new series. The move that paralyzed Hollywood for several months will undoubtedly have prompted Netflix and its competitors to question the future of certain titles in its catalog.

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