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Slimane at the Eurovision Song Contest, this famous French singer has earned a lot of money with this choice

It’s official: Slimane will represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest. The artist Didier Barbelivien did not hesitate to say what he thought.

Slimane will represent France during the Eurovision Song Contest in 2024. An announcement that caused a shock among the stars, who in turn gave their opinion.

Slimane will be the French voice at the Eurovision Song Contest

This Wednesday, November 8, 2023, Slimane announced with much fanfare that he would be the French candidate at Eurovision. Just before him, Alexandra Redde-Amiel, head of the French delegation and entertainment director of France TV, announced it on France Inter.

According to her, it was an obvious choice given the situation popularity of the artist. The father thus announced the title he composed for the occasion.

Titled My darlingthis song is a real love letter. “I’ll send it to anyone who wants to receive it.”he explained to Anne-Sophie Lapix during Journal Télévisé de France 2.

Slimane then explained the reasons who pushed her to appear in the Eurovision Song Contest. “I don’t do it to hope that I will be recognized more. I do it to represent my country, I do it to sing this song, to sing about love, I think we need it more than ever.”he declared.

And to continue: “I wouldn’t say that I have a competitive spirit, I would rather say that I want to be heard as a singer-songwriter”. In 2024, all of Europe will get the chance to hear him sing.

Stéphane Bern, happy with this choice

The announcement was made on social networks the effect of a shock. Vianney, Amir, Ayem Nour, but also Stéphane Bern responded en masse to this appointment.

Furthermore, the royalty expert did not delay in responding this announcement on Instagram, but also in the columns of Télé-Loisirs, Thursday, November 9, 2023. Stéphane Bern said he was more than happy.

“It is a very good choice”, he declared before giving up more detail. “Alexandra Redde-Amiel used the Swedish method: we take a successful artist and we give him the opportunity to represent his country in the Eurovision Song Contest instead of choosing a singer that no one knows, who has to be presented in France and then in Abroad “he continued.

For the latter, choosing Slimane is the case so a choice which makes sense. “We’ll take someone the French already like. He also has a voice, a career and a media surface. It will carry us”he concluded.

The former France Télévisions presenter is not alone rejoice to see the former talent of The Voice take part in the competition. Didier Barbelivien is full of praise for the singer.

Didier Barbelivien fan of Slimane

The French composer has always been that way Slimane fan. In 2015, the latter chose the singer for a musical comedy project based on the novel Le Chevalier de Maison-Rouge by Alexandre Dumas.

In a recent interview on Europe 1, the producer said all the good things he thought about the artist. According to him, Slimane is capable of singing anything.

“It wasn’t complicated for me. At his first audition, I knew within 30 seconds that I wanted this guy. He can sing anything, Slimane,” he confided. The latter added that the selection of his protégé is an excellent choice to represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest.

According to him, the big one friend of Vitaa has every chance of winning, provided you choose your number carefully. If you remember winners like France Gall in her time, Marie Myriam. With ABBA and others, it’s always the great artists who win. Of course the song is important, it is essential, but believe me, the person singing plays a key role », he concluded. Let’s wish him the best of luck.

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