Textile repair bonus: in which shops in Nord and Pas-de-Calais can you have your clothes repaired?

Since November 7, the French have been able to benefit from the textile repair bonus, help to have their clothing repaired. According to an IFOP survey conducted for Refashion, 73% of French people said they had already thrown away clothes or shoes that could have been repaired. However, four in five French people say they are willing to have their clothes and shoes repaired so they can wear them longer.

Please note: not all clothing repairers and retouchers are certified. You can’t just go to anyone: you have to find out directly on the Refashion website which branches are labeled in your area. The list of certified repairers is available at reparateur.refashion.fr/carte. Currently, about 600 repairers are certified, including about sixty in Hauts-de-France. viewer

Chains and independents

In Hauts-de-France, many Zara stores offer the textile repair bonus. These are the following stores: Dunkerque République; Coquelles, Cité Europe, Englos, Les Géants shopping center; Lille, Euralille shopping center; Lille-Bourse (in the city center); Villeneuve-d’Ascq, V2 shopping center; Noyelles-Godault, in the Aushopping shopping center; Valenciennes, Places d’Armes shopping center.

In addition, another chain offers these repairs in many stores. This is the brand Des Marques & Vous (Devianne’s new name). This concerns the shops of Saint-Martin-les-Boulogne; Arras; Bethune; Englos, Les Géants shopping center; Lomme; Villeneuve d’Ascq; Neuville-en-Ferrain in the Promenade des Flandres shopping center; Petite-Forêt; Louvroil. In Douai, the Devianne boutique also offers the textile repair bonus.

The Mister Minit brand, which specifically claims “ specialist in shoe and watch repair », also offers its customers the benefit of the textile repair bonus in the Béthune stores, La Rotonde shopping center; Villeneuve-d’Ascq, V2 shopping center; Englos, Les Géants shopping center; Lomme, in the Carrefour shopping center; Roncq in the gallery of the Auchan hypermarket; Cambrai, in the Cora 2 shopping center; Liévin, in the Carrefour shopping center.

In addition to chains, many self-employed people also use the repair bonus. These are the Marant shoe repair workshop in Hazebrouck; the Boucry shoe repair shop in Hesdin; Fast service in Auxi-le-Château; the Eric Lejeune coordination shop in Achicourt, the Hollande by Karine et Charlotte haberdashery in Arras; The King of the Key in Auchy-les-Mines; the Achille Talon shoe repair shop in Carvin; the Bois Grenier sewing workshop, in Bois Grenier; the Charly shoe repair shop, in Villeneuve-d’Ascq; Françoise Renard in Viesly; ACL Proxi Pol, in Dunkirk; the Belfry shoe repair shop in Cambrai; European shoemaking in Aulnoye-Aymeries; traditional shoemaking in Maubeuge; the Dormard shoe repair shop in Bouchain; the Scol shoe repair workshop in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux and the Saint-Amand-les-Eaux service point.

Not all repairers offer it

Not all repairers offer this. This mainly concerns the administrative aspect, or even the price list. After all, it is not necessarily interesting for certain repairers who would have to increase their prices due to its application. “ I am well below the prices shown. An example: €40 for solving the problem. For me it generally stays below €20. explained a few days ago to La Voix du Nord, Céline Hénon, from Ma Petite Cordonnerie, in Gravelines. If I want my customers to benefit from this support, I will have to almost double all my prices and risk doubling my turnover, with consequences for costs. . »

Refashion explains on its site that the amount of the repair bonus may not exceed 60% of the price of the repair including tax, and that the minimum repair price to qualify for the Bonus is € 12. A trader charging for a repair below this threshold would therefore have to increase the price of his repair in order to offer the repair bonus, which would not necessarily be interesting for his customers. The assistance offered ranges from €6 for a loosened seam on an unlined garment to €25 for resoling leather shoes or replacing a complex lining on a garment and these can be combined if you are having multiple garments repaired and/or shoes.

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