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Gas the bad news has fallen and it starts in December 2023

At the end of the year, the gas price for French households will not fall. The benchmark price even increased this month!

This is a hard blow for the French. THE gas price will not decrease at the end of the year, on the contrary! The benchmark price is still rising!

Gas: Bills become difficult to pay

The French are at their wits’ end when they look at their bill. gas. And for good reason! The price is very high! The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) is aware that prices will be sky high in 2023. But why?

“Providers freely create their offers based on their terms and conditions and their commercial choices. But also the contractual conditions they offer,” explains the CRE.

Unfortunately, the bill for this month of November can be high. Because the price per kWh goes from 0.093 euros to 0.098 euros in one month for ‘hot water and cooking’. As a result, more and more French people cannot make ends meet.

According to the latest barometer from the National Energy Mediator (MNE), 7 out of 10 French people have noticed an increase in the amount of their energy bill. gas/electricity. So 8 out of 10 people reduce their heating consumption in winter.

Moreover ! 31% of people in households have increasing difficulty paying their energy bills. gas and electricity. It is therefore those under the age of 35 who are most affected by this plague.

At the end of the year the situation will only get worse! The Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (Ademe) confirms this. Because there are almost 12 million French people who suffer from energy poverty.

That is why the State is offering more and more help. Last October you could claim the energy boost of 250 euros. In addition, there is the energy check and support for energy renovation.

But is this really enough? Because the end of the year promises to be even more difficult… More below.

A further increase in December

This is very bad news that just fell… The benchmark price for gas, which has indicatively replaced the regulated interest rate since July last year, is rising. Eh yes! It will not drop this month of December.

A hard blow for the most modest French people, who are forced to impose heating restrictions. However, many people were hoping for a decline gas price since September… in vain!

However, the recommended subscription price level is stable. The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) has arranged for the figures to be published this Friday. As a result, the price per kWh goes from 0.098 euros to 0.104 euros in one month for ‘heating’.

Then it goes from 0.120 euros/kWh to 0.127 for ‘hot water and cooking’. » The CRE said more: “ between November and December 2023, the variable part excluding taxes (HT) of a typical consumer for cooking/hot water and heating will increase by €5.18/MWh. »

“Based on GRDF data, the CRE calculates an annual average price per MWh. It includes customers’ fixed and variable shares for cooking/hot water and heating. The average benchmark price is therefore €96.23/MWh.”

Our colleagues at MoneyVox point out that the CRE recommends “ an annual price between 102.94 euros and 257.18 euros per year for the subscription. » Note that the price has increased by more than 2 euros including tax since the end of the TRV.

This concerns boiling/hot water. As well as almost 8 euros including VAT for the heating.

Source: MoneyVox

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