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Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach again! Super Mario RPG seems to start like all games Super Mario , but it soon becomes a matter of stars needing to be restored and unknown monsters invading the Mushroom Kingdom and its environs. To save the world, Mario will have to make friends with new characters, but also with his old enemy, Bowser!

Mario fights alongside Bowser? It’s possible, in Super Mario RPG! | NINTENDO

Mario fights alongside Bowser? It’s possible, in Super Mario RPG! | NINTENDO

27 years after its release on Super Nintendo, Super Mario RPG returns to Nintendo Switch. For the occasion, the remake is decorated with new, even more colorful graphics and music that is more successful than ever. To help you on your adventure, we offer you a complete video guide. Don’t forget to check out our complete guide to master each character’s skills, as well as all-new trio attacks!

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1. Bowser’s Castle

The adventure begins when Princess Peach is kidnapped by Bowser. Mario rushes to the castle to save her, but nothing goes as planned! A huge sword, Exor, cuts through Bowser’s fortress, sending our three characters in three different directions…

2. On the way to Mushroom Castle

Mario decides to go to Mushroom Castle to warn the Chancellor. But first he must cross the Mushroom Path, blocked by two Marto Brothers. Victory over the duo allows him to obtain his first weapon: a hammer! In the city, our plumber meets Mallow, a frog with a very special appearance…

3. The bandit trail

Mallow had his things stolen by Croco, a fierce thief who is faster than his shadow! Not a minute to lose: Mario and his new sidekick must track him down the bandit trail.

4. Save the Mushroom Kingdom

Mario and Mallow return to the town of Mushroom Castle to find the town under attack by a swarm of Maskass, who appear to be coming from the royal palace. It’s time to face Blastoc and get the first Star Fragment.

5. The Croâ-croâc Canal

Mario and Mallow decide to go to Tadpole Lake to ask advice from the wise Batracius, Mallow’s grandfather. But to do this, you must cross the Croâ-croâc Canal, a flooded cave haunted by a strange ravenous monster, Langloute.

6. Tadpole Lake

After traveling the waterfall and the Midas River, allowing our two heroes to fill their pockets, it’s time to discover Tadpole Lake. Batracius reveals the surprising reality to Mallow and invites him to join Mario on his own adventure, before advising them to go see what’s happening in Rosenville.

7. Panic in Rosenville

Following Batracius’ advice, Mario and Mallow take the Rosenville trail and arrive at their destination. The place is under attack by paralyzing arrows! But how do you get rid of it? They are said to be fired from the woods north of Rosenville. In town, Mario and Mallow also hear a child talking about a doll that has come to life…

8. The forest maze

Our dynamic duo explores the forest. They follow a strange character into the labyrinth and eventually meet the boss behind the curse of Rosenville: Chtarbarc! Aided by the mysterious Geno, they unlock the power of trio attacks, new in this remake on Nintendo Switch.

9. The Taupinie Mine

It is said that a star has fallen in Taupinie, the mountain village of the moles. The trio discovers that two children, Dyna and Mite, are being held in the mine! We have to rescue them quickly! After eliminating Croco again, the good team faces Punchinello and receives a third Star Fragment.

10. Booster Tower

Mario, Mallow and Geno cross Booster Pass, a steep path in the mountain that leads to a strange structure. At the foot of Booster’s tower, our friends encounter Bowser, who decides to join forces with them to get his castle back. The quartet plans to climb the high tower to rescue Princess Peach, held captive by Booster.

11. The wedding city

Booster has decided to marry Princess Peach! The latter doesn’t really agree with that, but Booster doesn’t understand that. After chasing the kidnapper to Booster Hill, everyone ends up in the Wedding City, a small festive village. The wedding ceremony is fortunately disrupted by Mario and his friends, who end up standing in front of the cake!

12. Star Hill

After returning Princess Peach to Mushroom Castle, our four friends are ready to adventure again… but the monarch decides to join them! Batracius advises the team to go to Star Hill to retrieve the fourth star fragment.

13. Beaurivage

When our five friends arrive in Beaurivage, they are surprised by the unusual behavior of its inhabitants… The village is quite worrying, but at least this step allows us to obtain new information: the local Toads say that there is a star was found in the wreckage at the bottom of the sea.

14. The wreck

After going through the cave towards the sea, the five explore the sunken ship. Unfortunately, the captain’s office is password protected! You will then have to deal with a giant squid, as well as the terrible buccaneer Jonathan Jones, known as “Johnny”, who guards the fifth star fragment.

15. Theft of the Star Fragment

Only just back in Beaurivage when our friends’ star fragment is stolen: the inhabitants of Beaurivage were just monsters in disguise! Mario and his friends catch up to Javelinovitch before he can escape, allowing them to recover the stolen fragment.

16. The end of the world

The team literally arrives at the end of the world, on the other side of the Mushroom World. It is in this inhospitable place where Langloute built his temple! The ravenous monster is hungrier than ever and he plans to take advantage of this reunion with Mario and his friends to taste them!

17. From Monsterpaire to Bean Valley

Arriving in Monstrepaire while following the desert ants, the five friends think they have found a fragment of a star… but it is actually a false trail. They must return to the sky, and to do that they must climb the cliff at the end of the world with the help of the Para Squad. Further on they discover the Valley of the Beans, where they can reach the clouds with long stems.

18. The kingdom of Nimbus

In the kingdom of Nimbus, Mallow discovers that he is a prince and that his parents are in danger: they are being held captive by Valentina, the usurper, who tries to steal the crown by passing off her great sidekick Dodo as the prince. . Mario and his friends must first infiltrate Nimbus Castle and then get rid of Valentina.

19. Cholao Volcano

The sixth star fragment is believed to be located in the heart of the Cholao volcano. Our friends decide to jump out of the hot spring to enter the crater. At the end of a long path lined with lava, they obtain the fragment they are looking for after defeating a fire dragon.

20. Clash with the Klashs

The happiness is short-lived: the five Klashs arrive to steal the star fragment! We must chase them quickly! As the five bad guys board their flying ship, the five good guys catch up and take back their fragment. And six!

21. Return to Bowser’s Castle

It’s time to return to where it all started: Bowser’s Castle. To get there our friends take the royal Nimbus bus. Many traps protect the castle, including the terrible ordeal of the gates. After overcoming the trials of the fortress, the five friends are confronted with Exor, the immense sword.

22. The world of weapons

Exor defeated, the portal to the world of weapons opened. Mario and his friends know: the last star fragment is at the end of the road, in bad company. There are many dangers on the road to Forgeroi. Faced with him, the team must not weaken!

22. The end?

Blacksmith defeated, peace is restored to the world… until we reload the game! The final boss is reset, but new options are available: a jukebox and various statistics. It’s time to complete the various side missions and discover the secrets of Super Mario RPG !

23. Cristax, the secret boss

Among the side missions, don’t miss the fight against the secret boss Cristax, inspired by traditional games Final fantasy ! We remember that Super Mario RPG was developed by Square, responsible for F.F…Cristax is waiting for you in Monstrepaire, behind the sealed door. To open it, don’t forget to obtain the glowing stone in Taupinie by exchanging it for fireworks purchased in the same town.

24. Bonus Content

The Super Mario RPG remake includes new missions that were not included in the Super Nintendo game. Now that you’ve completed the main adventure and defeated the secret boss, you have all the cards in hand to discover these new challenges, which start with a night at the luxury hotel in the Cité des Noces…

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