The horoscope for Friday November 17, 2023

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It’s not a joke today, you have to walk straight and avoid laughing or making people laugh about certain topics that are very sensitive. You may not like them, but think of others and see that they do not have the same point of view as you. And don’t try to convince anyone that he or she should think or act the same way you do. The situation may make you act like a somewhat harsh judge, but try to slow down!


Venus now transits the 2nd decan of Libra, opposite your 2nd decan. Many of you will see your daily life improve, perhaps because you will have more money… But it is also possible that you or your partner will pay more attention to each other and that arguments will not be possible because you listen to each other. each other, you respect each other and you say nice things. You will feel full of gratitude.


You may feel deprived for a few hours and not understand why. Unless you’re on a diet and what you’re missing is the pleasure of eating what you want, when you want. If this deprivation (or any other) is necessary, try to treat yourself to a small pleasure a day, not necessarily food, but you should be able to compensate for the displeasure caused by this lack. You will tolerate it better.


You will be pleased with the harmony between Mars and Pluto, 3rd decan. You will indeed have weapons to fight against the one who seems to have all the power over you, or who manipulates you into such a way that you are sure that you will never do anything right. If you work on yourself a little, you can understand the pattern manifested in this situation, which is not normal.


Venus and Mercury are interested in the 2nd decan from today. If so (August 2 to 12), you might have some good news by November 26. Either you receive money and you already know what you are going to do with it, or the aspect plays on a sentimental level. In this case, you may be told that someone has plans for you, even though you previously paid no attention to that person.


You will be perfectly aligned with Mars and Pluto, and as you emerge from the 3rd decan, you can be assured that you will be obeyed at will, as your steadfastness will be impressive. No one can change your mind, or force you to do what you don’t want to do. And if you are usually quite accommodating, then you are a wall, a rock. Even though Neptune is still active and you are internally doubting yourself.


2nd decan, you receive Venus now and until November 26. And the harmony with Mercury is a good omen for your relationships with the people around you, but also for your flirts! It could also be that you like someone and you have the feeling that something could happen. In any case, you are not doing anything wrong with flirting, on the contrary, you should take advantage of the good moments that life offers you, which are generally quite rare.


May the force be with you! Mars connects with Pluto in your third decan and their combined energies offer you great resistance, no matter the situation. However, it all depends on what you are opposing! You can resist a cold and a pain, just as you can resist someone who charms you. A superior may try to impose something on you, and your inner strength and inflexibility will be very useful to you.


2nd decan, Mercury has entered your house and is still in harmony with Venus. This is a very good situation for lovers, or to fall in love! No matter what happens, joy is in the air and it can be sentimental as well as financial. With Mercury and its wings it is indeed possible that someone will send you money, that you will get a good deal, or that someone will give you a bonus… Something to be happy about.


The forces of Mars and Pluto are very positive for you, 3rd decan. They will help you implement a project or idea and not give up under any circumstances. It must be said that you are a go-getter by nature and this configuration adds even more! Moreover, 2nd decan, Venus is now at the peak of your zodiac, a good configuration that should correspond to a sense of success, of achievement (very temporary).


It is your turn, 2nd Decan, to receive the good influences of Venus and Mercury. It seems like you had a promising meeting or a project got you excited. Either way, you have reasons for satisfaction and the pleasure can be present every two or three days. It can also be about money and more freedom in this area. Maybe someone has made you an offer that shows you will earn more.


The Sun/Mars conjunction is now in good aspect to Pluto. Coming from the 3rd decan, you definitely need to believe in yourself and your powers more. This is one of the conditions for your success and is expected in the more or less short term. It is the decisions you will make today, or the very steadfast attitude you will adopt, that will be your best assets to achieve your goals.

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