the Lyonnaises are already unfolding and offering themselves an offensive festival

Fox scores… with a header (6-0)

In a final corner before half-time, Eugénie Le Sommer found Wendie Renard’s head. The OL captain was launched into full swing and stole the ball as Kady Diani was waiting to score her first of this European campaign.

Endler as boss, OL still far ahead (5-0)

Slavia’s free kick allowed Christiane Endler to warm her gloves by winning well.

Diani warned, well placed free kick for Slavia

We may witness the first Czech chance after Kadidiatou Diani’s mistake on the right side of his defence. The Blue and OL attacker received a yellow card for her action.

OL calm, Czechs harmless (5-0)

After an orgy of goals in a few minutes, the pace slowed somewhat at the end of the first period.

Still 5-0 for the Lyonnaises who are in total demonstration. In contrast, the Czechs have shown nothing so far.

Lyon heading for a card against Prague like in 2016?

During the previous clash between the two teams, in the first leg of the quarter-final in 2015-2016, OL won 9-1 against Slavia Prague.

At the return, the Czechs took a draw (0-0) in front of their own audience. Lyon seems determined to treat himself to a recital tonight.

Note that Eugénie Le Sommer had scored like Amel Majri (on the bench next Tuesday) and Ada Hegerberg had signed a double, as had Griedge Mbock (substitute next Tuesday).

OL on its way to a record?

Note that the record for the biggest win in the Women’s Champions League groups is a 9-0 success for Barça against Benfica in 2022-2023.

La manita after only 24 minutes

It’s Kadidiatou Diani’s turn to go for his goal. The summer recruit from OL has already authored an assist and scored her first goal in the C1 with her new team.

5-0 for OL!

Sommer also scores, OL in demonstration

On a perfect cross from Danielle van de Donk, Eugénie Le Sommer doesn’t even have to jump to adjust her header and score another goal.

The Breton scored her first goal of the evening, perhaps not the last as OL dominated in this first period.

Renard tries his luck from afar, but it goes too far

Wendie Renard is not worried in defense and plans to attack. The Fenottes’ captain fired a big shot from more than 30 yards, but it went well beyond that.

Gilles triples the bet, OL throws

Ada Hegerberg hits the crossbar with a header from a corner. But Canadian Vanessa Gilles followed well and scored with a header.

When the ball hit the crossbar again on this second play, it eventually went over the line, despite a desperate attempt by the Czech goalkeeper to clear the ball.

This time it’s the right one, Lyon is looking for shelter

After a cross within six meters from Diani, Danielle van de Donk threw herself well to tackle the ball into the back of the Czech net.

OL is already looking for cover after less than fifteen minutes of play.

Goal disallowed for OL

From a poorly cleared corner kick by the defense, a header from Eugénie Le Sommer was with difficulty pushed back into the feet of… Kadidiatou Diani. If the Frenchwoman finished well, the referee refused this second Lyon goal due to offside.

In the absence of VAR during the groups of this Women’s Champions League, no video verification and therefore a goal was denied for Fenottes.

Lyon puts his foot on the ball

After Sara Dabritz had opened the scoring, the Lyonnaises monopolized the ball, but could not yet appear dangerous.

Launched deep, Kadidiatou Diani is on the ground in the Slavia area, but it is regular.

Dabritz’s goal during OL’s first attack

After a great move with one touch of the ball, the Lyonnaises moved onto the field. Following a cross from Perle Morroni from the left, German Sara Dabritz launched a beautiful shot that ended up in the opposite goal.

The European Fenottes season has started!

Let’s go !

The kick-off has been given, the Lyonnaises will play in C1 for this first match of this 2023-2024 campaign.

Just a few minutes before kick-off

After falling in the quarter-finals last season, the Lyonnaises will look to find their way back to success on the continental stage.

The pre-match protocol begins with the players entering the field.

Brann provisional leader in the OL group

In the other group B match in which OL participates, the Norwegians from Brann won on the field against the Austrians from St. Pölten (1-2).

Ahead of the match between Lyon and Slavia Prague, Brann is therefore the leader with three points.

In the other match at the beginning of the evening, Frankfurt won against Rosengard (1-2) in Sweden.

The compositions have fallen, OL in 4-3-3

OL’s eleven: Endler – Timmerman, Gilles, Renard, Morroni – Horan, Van de Donk, Dabritz – Diani, Hegerberg, Le Sommer.

Slavia Prague eleven: Lukasova – Vesela, Keene, Bartovicova, Xiao – Stackpole, Sumoska, Cerna, Mc Laughlin, Khyrova – Ruzickova.

The Lyonnaises have arrived at the stadium

The Lyonnaises arrived at the stadium a few minutes ago. The kick-off is scheduled for 9 p.m.

Record holder Wendie Renard looking for a ninth title

Wendie Renard has been present for every OL victory and is the most capped player in the Women’s Champions League with 110 appearances and an 111th this Tuesday.

The Blue and Lyon defender will try to guide her team to a historic ninth coronation this season.

The second most capped player, Alexandra Popp (94 games), will not be able to catch up after Wolfsburg’s elimination in the play-offs against Paris FC (3-3, 0-2).

Hello everyone,

Reigning French champions and the most successful club in the Women’s Champions League, Olympique Lyonnais starts its European campaign this Tuesday in Slavia Prague. A duel with live commentary will follow from 9 p.m.

After their last coronation in 2022, Sonia Bompastor’s Fenottes will try to make a good start against the Czechs.

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