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Leclerc, Carrefour and Auchan supermarket technology to reduce Christmas shopping bills

Will the end-of-year celebration cost you an arm and a leg? Find out what efforts your supermarkets are making to make them cheaper for you.

The end-of-year holidays are getting closer. But with inflation, can you benefit from it? To reduce your bills at the checkout, supermarkets are increasing their efforts. Discover their methods of waging war on prices.

Is your Christmas likely to be expensive?

Christmas is just over a month away. Like every year, this event is an opportunity to get together and share good times with friends and family. But also a true royal feast consisting of the most delicious dishes, but which also have a price!

Champagne, foie gras, oysters, capon… All these products are quite expensive. And while inflation will be lower than last year, it will remain present on festive products for Christmas 2023.

Will your purchasing power be able to keep up with this? rising prices in supermarkets ? According to a study by Cofidis, conducted in collaboration with CSA Research, consumers plan to spend 120 euros on their end-of-year meals. That is 7 euros less than last year.

To allow all budgets to find their way, many supermarkets then decided to implement strategies. This is a real survival operation for these brands that want to maintain their sales during the holiday season.

Mass distribution players are fighting head-to-head with suppliers to get the best prices. And some don’t always play the game, as Michel Biero, boss of Lidl France, reminds us.

“We had rate increases from 12-15% to 40% or more. But if a manufacturer asks me for a 15-20% increase, isn’t that an illusion to get 10%? In other countries the relationship is more peaceful, but here there is a relationship of distrust. Because there is a lack of transparency“, he informed BFM Business at the beginning of this year.

Supermarket recipes for lowering prices

To reduce costs, some big names in distribution are doing things differently. Some supermarkets allow local sectors to function. For alcohols and champagnes, Système U has chosen to purchase from small producers. “They have more reasonable prices than the big houses”entrusts the brand to

Auchan, in turn, collaborates with certain fisheries that offer better prices for customers. “This year we have 300 grams of lobster tails for 16.50 euros. Last year they were 22.90 euros »manages the brand.

The Leclerc supermarkets, in turn, will give up their profits this Christmas. “Inflation for festive products will average less than 5%. We will do everything we can to remain the cheapest. Especially by taking out our margins”explains Fabrice Hersent, president of private label brands.

So Leclerc promises his customers scallops for less than 8 euros per 300 grams. Or even Crémant d’Alsace for less than 6 euros. Promotions, limited margins, sales at cost price… Supermarkets are all playing their part this year to reduce the cost of the Christmas meal.

But also handing out gifts. So the price of toys seems to be falling everywhere. According to a recent study by RTL, the average price of these fell by 22 cents (-0.61%) between Christmas 2022 and 2023.

The French, in turn, plan to spend an average of 332 euros on the purchase of toys for children. In other words, 22 euros less than in 2022.

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