the top 10 performances of the 7th round

The Coupe de France as we like it. This weekend the 7th round of the competition was held in the four corners of France, with spectacle, goals and of course surprises as usual. It started on Friday evening with two sensations and continued on Saturday and Sunday. Before we head to the 8th round in mid-December, a look back at the top 10 of the 7th round of the Coupe de France.

Coupe de France: the draw for the 8th round

The top 10 performances of the 7th round

Saint-Brieuc (N2) 3-3 Concarneau (L2) (5 tabs to 3)

The 7th round started very strongly on Friday evening. Through a Breton derby, to be precise. Stade Briochin, relegated from National to National 2 this summer, hosted US Concarneau, historically promoted to Ligue 2. A diametrically opposite fate, which, however, had no consequences for the outcome of this match. At the Fred-Aubert Stadium, the two teams went blow for blow in a completely crazy second period: Briochin Mickael Martin launched hostilities (51st), Baptiste Mouazan reacted (62nd), Martin reacted again (64th), before Guillaume Jannez. took a draw (85th). We thought… Because in extra time, Saint-Brieuc took the lead for the third time through James Le Marer. But Stéphane Le Mignan’s USC came back for the third and final time through Nassim Chadli (3-3). Go to the penalty box to continue the show. And in this small game it was the native of N2 who showed himself the most skilled, eliminating Thoniers on penalties for the fourth time in a row in the competition.

Les Herbiers (N2) 2-1 Avranches (N1)

Friday night, always. While the show for Saint-Brieuc was going on, a duel between the Vendéens des Herbiers and the Normans d’Avranches kept the spectators in the Massabielle stadium in suspense. Damien Ott’s players were hierarchically superior and adapted to the technical control of Laurent David’s players in this regard. To the point that the locals were surprised with a supersonic counter, closed by striker Dany Jean (22nd). But the Herbiers, finalists of the 2018 edition against Paris Saint-Germain, persisted and persevered to evict the National resident. In four minutes, more precisely, Valentin Rémy made it possible with a double (78th, 82nd) ​​to equalize and give a definitive advantage to his team (2-1), which faces Saint-Brieuc (N2) in the 8th round.

Épinal (N1) 2-1 Troyes (L2)

And two! After Concarneau the day before, it is the turn of ESTAC, another native of Ligue 2, to open the door as soon as it comes into the running. Troyes was already in trouble in the championship (17th after 14 days), but still started as favorite in the field of Epinal, especially last in the National. But in the Vosges, at the Colombières stadium, Patrick Kisnorbo’s men encountered one of the big shot specialists in the Coupe de France. Against the Aubois, the SAS mainly confirmed its good period at the moment (two successes in the last two N1 matches, the only two this season) by opening the scoring upon return from the dressing room by Bryan Labissière (47th), the same player before that doubles the bet at the end of the game (85th). In the meantime, ESTAC had time to get back on track thanks to Alexis Lefebvre (52nd), but especially to return to tenth place after the elimination of Banhie Zoukrou (58th). An exclusion that comes at the expense of the visitors, who sink deeper into the crisis, while Épinal will compete with Saint-Omer (R1) in the next stage.

Lyon-La Duchère (N3) 4-1 Bastia (L2)

This is undoubtedly, if not one of the biggest thrills of the weekend. Falling back on his mistakes a week earlier on the field of Paris FC in the championship (0-1), Bastia bit the dust on the field of Lyon-La Duchère, although a resident of National 3. But the current leader of the group K approached this prestigious meeting against the 14th in Ligue 2 without complexes. Because if the Bastiais Facinet Conte thought he had done the hardest thing by opening the scoring on the half hour (32nd), it was without counting on the self-sacrifice of the Rhône blood and gold. A few minutes later, Abdourahim Moina allowed his team to equalize (39th) and believed in the performance. A feat that became possible at the frenzied end of the match in which Sporting, in a crisis of results and game identity, collapsed. Ilyès Boughanmi twice (88th, 90+4th) and Sosa Maluvunu (90+2nd) completely undermined Régis Brouard’s men, the third and final Ligue 2 clubs to exit in the 7th round. La Duchère will face Thonon Évian (N2) in the 8th round.

Chaponnay-Marennes (R2) 0-0 Hyères (N2) (8 tab to 7)

There will be no new prestigious match for Hyères FC this season. A few months after facing Olympique de Marseille in the 32nd final, the Var club effectively bowed out in the 7th round this season, facing a hierarchically inferior team. In this case FC Chaponnay-Marennes (Region 2). Faced with the outskirts of Lyon, the National 2 team could not find a solution during the 90 regulatory minutes. Result: set course for the life-threatening penalty shootout, in which the Rhône residents showed themselves more skilled! Hyères therefore takes the door and leaves FC Chaponnay-Marennes to offer itself an 8th round against a team in fourth place, Le Puy Foot 43.

Coulaines (R1) 2-1 Cholet (N1)

Babou Seye thought he had done the hardest part. Half an hour after his match on the field of JS Coulaines, a club from Regional 1, the striker allowed SO Cholet to effectively take advantage and remove a thorn in the side against a team without complexes. But the SOC, sixteenth at National, never managed to hide again after that. And this despite some hot situations. On the other side, the Sarthois, who remained on the scoreboard in the match, were encouraged. Also not at their best in their championship (9th out of 12), the locals leveled after a header from Alexandre Ménager (63rd), before securing a heroic qualification in extra time after a penalty converted by Ilan Thebert (90th , 2- 1). Go to the 8th round for Coulaines, who prepares to become stronger despite setbacks. Next meeting for the R2 team: Pau FC (L2)!

Colmar (N2) 0-1 Pontarlier (N3)

Strong. At the end of the day on Saturday, CA Pontarlier, third in its National 3 group, traveled to the field of SR Colmar, a notch higher. Not enough to impress the people of Franche-Comté. In line with the start of the season in the Championship, CAP quickly got back into the match by opening the scoring with a beautiful header from Xavier Da Rocha (9th). Serious mistake for the Alsatians. Because the Pontissaliens then closed the double lock to offer themselves a solid success in Colmar and the sixth 8th round in their history where a duel with… an Alsatian club is on the program. On December 9 or 10, Pontarlier will travel to Sarre-Union, another National 3 player.

Bay of Arcachon (R1) 2-1 Saumur (N2)

This 7th round of the Coupe de France proved difficult for absolutely everyone. Including the Olympique de Saumur. For the occasion, the National 2 team traveled to New Aquitaine to challenge Bassin d’Arcachon, a team from Regional 1. The club founded in 2013, second in the group, was one of the big surprises of the weekend. From the first minutes, Nicolas Bointchea demonstrated the intentions of the locals by opening the scoring (21st). And when Emmanuel Bourgaud’s partners got back on level just before half-time through Guedé Kipre (43rd), they could not prevent Abdoulaziz Gassama from going that way to double the lead and qualify his team. On the other hand, the identity of the next opponent will have to wait a few days. Arcachon Bay will actually face the winner of the late match between Étoile Maritime (R1) and Trélissac (N2), which will be played next Saturday, November 25 at 2 p.m. But whether it’s one or the other from now on, don’t worry!

Douvres-la-Délivrande (R2) 2-1 Choisy-au-Bac (R1)

As tough as Dover. Unlike Regional 1 club Choisy-au-Bac, Normandy’s local Regional 2 club believed in its chances of qualifying for a historic 8th round. But getting the party started at the final whistle required patience and self-sacrifice. Especially when Falikou Junior Koné calmed the local tension after eight minutes of play (0-1). But like others before them, the visitors made the mistake of never taking shelter. And thereby allow their opponent to stay in the match. Douvres-la-Délivrande, regrouped around the last rampart Julien-Thierry Grenier, held firm before letting Yacin Azdad speak with a cross shot (55th). Back above water, the Calvados players continued their momentum to topple Oise’s a few minutes later. After an exciting cross, the unfortunate Yahya Diallo was forced to score in his own net (65th, 2-1). End of adventure for Choisy-au-Bac, allowing the Normans to slip away to welcome Châteauroux (N1) during the next round.

Paimpol (R2) 2-1 Flers (N3)

And one more, that’s three! After Chaponnay-Marennes and Douvres-la-Délivrande, it is Stade Paimpolais that will be included in the contingent of Regional 2 clubs that qualify for the 8th round. To become one of the three Little Thumbs in the competition, the Breton club competed with the Normans de Flers, who play in National 3. In a generally dominated match, the visitors lost their footing within five minutes of the second period. First of all, by not converting a penalty from the 55th minute. Then by getting the opening score on the counter (Matthieu Garnec, 57th). Finally, submerged again within seconds. Adrien Le Movran solo effectively doubled the stakes for the euphoric locals (58th, 2-0), following in the footsteps of their performance achieved in the 6th round against Lannion (N3). To avoid this outcome, Flers pushed as hard as he could. And even reduced the score through Kenneth Atal (79th, 2-1). Insufficient for leveling. Paimpol, who almost broke several times at the end of the match, achieved another luxurious performance and will face a new formation of National 3 in the 8th round. In this case Challans, murderer of Plabennec.

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To sum up

The Coupe de France as we like it. This weekend the 7th round of the competition was held in the four corners of France, with spectacle, goals and of course surprises as usual. It started on Friday evening with two sensations and continued on Saturday and Sunday. Before we head to the 8th round in mid-December, a look back at the top 10 of the 7th round of the Coupe de France.

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