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Black Friday is back (a week early, okay) with several interesting gaming deals. On the Sony side, the PlayStation 5 is sometimes available at a discount, but you have to be lucky and arrive at the right time. The Black Friday offer, which increases the price of the standard model to €429, compared to the usual €529, is one of the good deals. Select accessories and games are also available at discounted prices.

If you want to upgrade to the latest generation of consoles, the price of Sony and Microsoft machines can be a barrier. There is a significant investment between the purchase of the console, the various accessories and the price of the games. The Black Friday offers are interesting to equip yourself and save some money at the same time.

If you don’t want to miss a single opportunity during this promotional period, we have listed the best Black Friday offers for you.

The PlayStation 5 standard version

The PlayStation 5 Standard with its disc player normally sells for €549.99. For Black Friday 2023 it will be offered at the price of €429 on the websites Fnac, Carrefour and Cdiscount.

The console, unlike the digital model, has a disc player. To run games in 4K at up to 60 FPS, it has an 8-core AMD Zen 2 processor with a power of 10 TeraFLOPs. Several games demonstrate the power of the Sony console. You’ll find them in our guide to the best PS5 games, which is updated regularly.

The PS5 is compatible with the PlayStation Plus service and has a huge catalog of titles, from PS1 to PS5. Note that Sony’s console only has an 825GB SSD, with only 667GB of free storage. To avoid saturation of the console and deletion of games, you should invest in an internal SSD, thanks to the savings made with this promotion. Our guide to the best SSDs for the PS5 will help you choose the best model for your console.

PlayStation 5 Standard // Source: NumeramaPlayStation 5 Standard // Source: Numerama
PlayStation 5 Standard // Source: Numerama

Is this a good deal? Sony’s console rarely drops to this price, so it’s an excellent deal! Now that the current console fleet is well established, most games are no longer released on older generations. This is the case with recent Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 And Alan Wake2, only available on PS5 or Xbox Series. The first images of GTA6expected in early December, should certainly make gamers switch to this new generation of home consoles.

A PlayStation 5 pack containing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Despite the announcement of a new, more compact PS5, which doesn’t bring many changes, the classic PS5 is still an excellent console. This package, available on Amazon for the price of €499 instead of €619, brings the standard console and Spider Man 2.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 // Source: NumeramaMarvel's Spider-Man 2 // Source: Numerama
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 // Source: Numerama

Is this package worth it? Spider Man 2 retails for €79.99 on the Sony Store. Included in a package with the standard console for less than €500, it’s a very good deal. The game is exclusive to the Sony console and allows you to play as Peter Parker and Miles Morales. After a few somewhat quiet first hours, Insomniac Games’ title finds a very good rhythm and continues moments of courage. The thrill of wandering the streets of New York is real, and the sensations of swinging and floating between buildings are outstanding. The PS5 shows what it is capable of and provides a great moment of entertainment.

If you are more into action RPG, there is the package that includes the PlayStation 5 stand and the game Final Fantasy XVII is also available for a price of €499.

A DualSense controller for PlayStation 5

The Controller for PlayStation 5, which normally retails for €69.99, will cost €49.99 on Amazon during Black Friday.

DualSense PS5 controller // Source: NumeramaDualSense PS5 controller // Source: Numerama
DualSense PS5 controller // Source: Numerama

Is this a good deal? If the console’s design is divided, the DualSense controller is unanimous, especially if it benefits from a €20 discount. It broadly follows the style and form of the previous controllers, but is accompanied by new features such as adaptive triggers or haptic vibrations. These help enhance immersion and are a reason in themselves to try the new generation of consoles. The autonomy of the DualSense is between 10 and 15 hours and it charges via USB-C. There are several colors for sale.

A Sony 3D Pulse headset for PS5

The 3D Pulse is none other than the official wireless headset for Sony’s console. It normally costs €99.99, but during Black Friday it is selling for €89.99 on Amazon. The 3D Pulse is a headset that was released at the same time as the PlayStation 5. It has 3D Tempest technology that increases immersion in games thanks to 3D audio.

Helmet // Source: NumeramaHelmet // Source: Numerama
3D Pulse headset // Source: Numerama

Is this PlayStation 5 headset a good deal? The 3D Pulse audio headset is already affordable, but at less than € 90 it is even more interesting. Even though it’s not the best gaming headset on the market, the 3D Pulse offers accurate playback and well-balanced audio. The dialogues are clear and the surround is very present. In terms of comfort, the headband, although a bit stiff, does not hurt your head. The ear cushions feel good on the ears and the whole thing fits well, despite a design that can seem cheap.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is offered at a price of €39.99 in the physical version, instead of €79.99. The game invites you to play as Jin Sakai, a ronin ready to battle the Mongol warriors who have invaded Japan. The game is very loosely inspired by the Mongol invasions that took place in the 13th century and is set in feudal Japan, in graphically beautiful environments. The artistic direction preserves a classic game in form, using a recipe that has already been seen and judged. However, the game has an unmistakable look.

Ghost of TsushimaGhost of Tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima // Source: Numerama

Fortunately, the exploration is exciting, with an island offering some really fun video game moments, including plenty of homages to Kurosawa’s cinema. Please note that the game is available for free on PS4 and PS5 if you have a PS Plus Extra or Premium subscription.

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Ghost of Tsushima // Source: SonyGhost of Tsushima // Source: Sony

Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Death Stranding Director’s Cut retails for €59.99 on the PlayStation Store. During Black Friday it costs €19.99. In Hideo Kojima’s dystopian game you step into the shoes of Sam Porter Bridges, a parcel deliverer. In an America that resembles Iceland, you will have to transport packages from point A to point B.

death stranding black friday // Source: Numeramadeath stranding black friday // Source: Numerama
Death Stranding // Source: Numerama

Kojima obeys, the game is as incredible in gameplay as it is cheesy in story, much to the delight of players who love the B series. This PS5 version is the best way to discover a unique title, which won’t be for everyone. but worth a try.

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Death Stranding // Source: Kojima ProductionsDeath Stranding // Source: Kojima Productions

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