This complete robot vacuum cleaner is competitively priced during Single Day

With a nice discount of over 200 euros during the Single Day, you can, if necessary, opt for this Roborock S8, a versatile robot vacuum cleaner that will be discreet but effective.

Aliexpress is a reseller that offers a range of very useful tech products for everyday use. Among these, robot vacuum cleaners have a good place among most of the brands represented, both cheap and more expensive models. Among them we find the Roborock S8, a recent and efficient model that can be found during the Single Day for less than 500 euros, while it is usually offered for more than 600 euros.

The essential points of the Roborock S8

  • A suction power of 6,000 Pa
  • A mop equipped with sonic vibration technology
  • Effectively mapping your home

Initially shown for 699 euros, the Roborock S8 robot vacuum cleaner is now offered for 499 euros on AliExpress thanks to the promotional code FR100. Delivery takes place from a French warehouse.

If the offer mentioned in this article no longer applies, please see below for other offers regarding the Roborock S8. The table is updated automatically.

Where to buy

Roborock S8 for the best price?

An efficient robot vacuum cleaner that can find its own way

The Roborock S8 is one of the brand’s latest robot vacuum cleaner models. Released in March 2023, the S8 range consists of the standard model, on offer here, and the S8+ and S8 Pro Ultra versions. The S8 is cheaper and as such does not have a dump station. On the other hand, the performance is comparable and many very practical features also appear. We are thinking in particular of the bumper, equipped with sensors to avoid and circumvent obstacles with Reactive 3D technology, to mark objects on the path on a map to take them into account in future passages. This way he can optimize his trips to be more efficient.

The S8 also includes a laser rangefinder to map your interior so you can move through rooms more efficiently. Despite these features, it still forgets certain places, or sometimes unnecessarily goes back to others. Naturally, you have control over the list of scanned objects and the map of your interior, thanks to the special Roborock application. With the latter, you also plan a cleaning job, a cleaning time and the vacuuming mode per room.

Complete floor cleaning in one device

In addition to its smart features, it does not forget to be a vacuum cleaner first and foremost. The DuoRoller brush and mop, together with the water reservoir, ensure effective maintenance of your floors. While the dual brush removes debris and dust, the VibraRise system vibrates the mop to loosen more baked-on stains. This combo works especially well on hard floors and thin carpets, as long as the water bowl is not empty. However, the 300 ml of water it contains is limited and the mop is less effective when dry.

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