This simple tip is Brigitte Macron’s secret to show a forward look of elegance

Brigitte Macron welcomed the Ukrainian first lady to the Élysée on Thursday, November 9, 2023. An invitation on the occasion of which she appeared in an impeccable outfit. Again, it’s flawless.

Brigitte Macron a series of stylish appearances. During her interview with Olena Zelenska, wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the first lady of France chose to wear a coordinated ensemble, at the height of chic. An outfit that fits the season perfectly.

Brigitte Macron in Paris on November 9, 2023 © Abdullah Firas/ABACA

The former French teacher did not deviate from her fashion signature and adorned herself with one striped appearance. She appeared to be wearing a black dress with a round neck that reached just above the knee. To harmonize her silhouette, the first lady opted for a matching coat. This three-quarter piece was striped with thin white lines. It is not the first time that Brigitte Macron has opted for a dress and a jacket made of the same fabric. In fact, it’s one of her favorite fashion tricks, helping her look elegant on any occasion. To perfect her silhouette, Brigitte Macron wore a pair of black pumps this time.

Like all first ladies, Brigitte Macron and her outfits arouse curiosity. If she earned the satisfying nickname of “first lady of chic” and Instagram accounts dedicated to her style are flourishing, the president’s wife continues to surprise with her modernity and her fashion choices since her arrival at the Élysée next to Emmanuel Macron in May 2017. While during the presidential campaign her clothing style casual chic and her natural relaxation may have produced sympathy for her husband, but her appearance has evolved somewhat since his election.

How did Brigitte Macron dress when she was young?

If we can easily find photos of Brigitte Macron since she lived in the presidential palace, there are much fewer from the period when she Mrs. Trogneux, young French teacher. Back then, she was still an anonymous person who cultivated a very classic, even preppy hairstyle, with her hair in a ponytail. Blazers, suits, shirts and scarves then form his wardrobe. Later she wears jeans, jackets and sneakers which always makes her look approachable. And during her wedding to the future president in 2007, she said ‘yes’ to the man she was separated from for twenty-four years in a short, straight dress paired with an immaculate jacket.

Brigitte Macron during Emmanuel Macron’s inauguration ceremony in 2022 © Jacovides Dominique/Pool/ABACA

During the Bercy meeting in April 2017, she appeared in a more formal outfit for the first time due to the presidential campaign. She is then dressed in one white trouser suit in tuxedo style whose jacket she wears a few days later in a gray version. It was in August 2015 that she the “Brigitte style” that we know, after his meeting with Delfine Arnault, then deputy general manager of Louis Vuitton. She gives him some sartorial advice for his public appearances. Between big houses and French designers like Balmain or Louis Vuitton, her wardrobe is becoming increasingly refined. We regularly see her in a straight dress, often in a jacket and trousers or an officer’s coat, and always in pumps. At her husband’s two inaugurations, she always wears a straight dress (lavender blue in 2017, white in 2022) combined with a short jacket with buttons from Louis Vuitton.

Brigitte Macron in No Name sneakers at Le Touquet in April 2022 © Blondet Eliot/ABACA

What do her favorite casual looks look like?

If we assess the street style photos, in her daily life or during walks in Le Touquet, she particularly likes slim jeans associated with thick-soled sneakers from No name and a jacket or sailor top. Sometimes she dares to wear tight-fitting leather pants or wears one of her endless straight dresses. A modern wardrobe that reflects his image active woman, always at the forefront of trends. Brigitte Macron revealed this topic to the French presenter Sophie Davantin his magazine S, the mag from January 2023 what her favorite look looked like: “Before the Élysée, my favorite outfit was jeans accompanied by a fitted jacket and stilettos. It was my uniform. That’s how I like to dress.”

What are Brigitte Macron’s favorite brands?

France’s first lady, Brigitte Macron, is supportive hexagonal creation. Their favorite designers? Olivier Rousteing, at the head of Balmain if she doesn’t fall for an outfit Barbara Bui. Brigitte Macron also told Sophie Davant in her magazine S, the mag that it was often Nicolas Ghesquière, artistic director of Louis Vuitton, who dressed her during her official outings: “In 2017, Louis Vuitton offered to lend me outfits while I was traveling and met Nicolas Ghesquière, artistic director.. He knows my style, my taste, my body shape, and he is the one who designs my outfits“.

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