Tomorrow is ours: what awaits you in episode 1559 of Friday, November 17, 2023 [SPOILERS] – News series on TV

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”…Camille and Luna are forced to stand together. Soraya sacrifices herself for love. A new student comes to Violette’s aid.

Warning: The following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us airing Friday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

Friday, November 17 in Tomorrow belongs to us…

Corentin sets a trap for Dorian

At the police station, Laurent confides in Soraya, who has agreed to defend him. Contrary to what the police think, he reiterates that he is not involved in Corentin’s plan, which he knows nothing about. His son hasn’t said anything to him in years. Moreover, Laurent regrets that he was not sufficiently present for Corentin after the death of his mother.

At the marina, Luna and Dorian can’t wait to return to normal life. Dorian then informs his girlfriend that Camille has agreed to meet him at Mont Saint-Clair in the evening to talk. When Luna is not very excited, Dorian reassures her by declaring that she is the only one he loves. However, he plans to do things right with Camille.

Meanwhile, Roxane and Nordine notice that Corentin’s stolen phone is heading to Spain. However, Roxane notices many stops along the way. She knows Corentin’s abilities and assumes he is creating a distraction. Which means teens are still in danger.

For her part, Maud goes to her mother’s office expecting to find Camille there. But it’s not there and it’s unreachable. Camille is alone on the street, sitting on a bench.

When Luna sees him, she wonders why she is not at Mont Saint-Clair with Dorian. Camille replies that she has not made an appointment with Dorian, to whom she has not messaged for several days. To prove it to him, Camille shows Luna her thread with Dorian. Camille then makes the connection with Corentin’s hacking of Jack and Lizzie’s phones. Luna tries to call Dorian, but to no avail. The two girls decide to run to Mont Saint-Clair. Camille calls the police on the way.

At Mont Saint-Clair, Dorian sits on a bench while waiting for Camille. But it is Corentin who appears before him, detonator in hand. The teenager even installed a bomb under the couch where Dorian sits. He warns him: if he moves, he dies…

Bastien and Violette come closer

In high school, François takes Bastien aside to talk to him about his dissertation on Balzac’s La Peau de Chagrin. The teacher suspected that his student had used artificial intelligence when writing his assignment. Bastien is caught red-handed and apologizes. François gives him 48 hours to redo his thesis. Violette, who overheard their conversation, believes that Bastien should respect this second chance.

During lunch, Violette complains about a bug on her phone. Because he no longer goes to sleep, he is already discharged halfway through the day. Bastien comes to his aid and manages to solve his problem. Violette thanks him.

Later, Violette helps Bastien with his English homework. Teenagers debate the usefulness of artificial intelligence in school. Violette sees Bastien so passionate about the subject and says he’s kind of cute.

After class, Violette and Bastien go to Spoon to study. John then picks up his son to go home. He then thinks that Violette is his girlfriend. But Bastien says no. Violette, for her part, receives a message from her biological mother inviting her for a weekend get-together.

Soraya breaks up with Gabriel

At Spoon, Soraya sits at the table where her sister sits. After some thought, Soraya has indeed made a big decision that she announces to Noor: she is going to leave Gabriel. Although Noor believes it is too late to repair their relationship, Soraya clings to that hope.

Later, Soraya calls Vic to tell him about her decision. Although it is difficult and nothing is certain, Soraya prefers to save her relationship with her sister than to continue her relationship with Gabriel.

Soraya then returns to the office to announce her decision to the director concerned. Instead of being surprised, Gabriel admits that he couldn’t have borne to let her suffer any longer. He adds that he has no regrets because he feels lucky that he was able to love her.

At the Spoon, Gabriel confides in Charlie about his recent breakup. Her friend doesn’t think it’s a big loss. At the counter, Gabriel meets Noor and tells her that Soraya left him. He takes the opportunity to apologize for all the harm he has caused.

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