Trip. The 10 cheapest destinations in the world for your holiday in 2024 according to Lonely Planet

While the French are particularly careful with their spending, Lonely planet offers ten destinations to travel without spending a lot of money in 2024. The majority are in Europe. There is something for everyone, and a priori for every budget.

Normandy well ranked

Normandy is particularly popular with Parisians and easily accessible from the capital. It offers beautiful coastal landscapes. You can be seduced by the cliffs of Étretat, the charm of Cabourg, the timeless Deauville and the unmissable Honfleur. But the region is also an affordable destination. In a ranking compiled by Airbnb this summer, Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) and Caen (Calvados) were among the ten most popular and least expensive French cities.

If you want to stay there during the winter holidays, you should not wait to buy your train ticket. The SNCF has opened reservations for this period, next Wednesday, November 15, 2023, and Normandy is in high demand. In a recent Likibu ranking, Omaha Beach and Vierville-sur-Mer were in the top 10 of the most sought-after French beaches.

In Europe, towards Warsaw or on the banks of the Danube

Change of scenery with Poland, according to one of the most affordable destinations in Europe Lonely planet. From the unmissable city of Warsaw, visitors can treat themselves to a getaway in the Carpathians or a water trip on the Masurian Lakes. The Polish capital is one of the eleven cheapest major European cities to visit, according to the magazine Time-out . An Airbnb rental costs an average of €66 per night.

Nominated for inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2024, Bulgaria’s Danube Limes is also one of the continent’s exceptional and affordable destinations. In Greece, the island of Ikaria is an accessible choice for lovers of turquoise waters and other local treasures.

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Another way to travel cheaply next year: the night train offers more and more lines on the Old Continent. For example, they will make it possible to connect Berlin, Prague or Vienna while promoting a greener mode of transport.

Further travels

On the American continent Lonely planet recommends several cities in the Midwestern United States, including the famous Chicago, but also Milwaukee or Detroit, more affordable than other major tourist cities in the country. In Central America, Nicaragua offers a multitude of beautiful landscapes at a lower cost.

In Africa, Algeria, easily accessible, introduces travelers to historic cities and the unmissable Sahara. Egypt, a transcontinental country (in Northeast Africa and, for the Sinai Peninsula, in Western Asia), also offers excellent value for money. A dream destination for all history lovers.

In Oceania this time Lonely planet focuses on Southern Lakes and Central Otago, New Zealand, ideal for beautiful free walks or cycle rides.

Before departure…

Before you go on holiday abroad, it is best to register for free on the Ariane platform. On this site, French citizens can receive valuable information and safety instructions in the event of a crisis. To find out whether or not your destination is in danger, you can consult the France Diplomatie website. The information is updated very regularly.

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