Various facts – Bastien Chalureau ruled in court on Tuesday: overview of facts

Bastien Chalureau will appear before the Court of Appeal of Toulouse on Tuesday, November 14 at 2 p.m. The second line of the MHR and the XV of France, who were sentenced to six months in prison in November 2020 for acts of violence “committed because of race or ethnicity”, appealed this decision. Three years later he is back in court.

At the beginning of an appeal case, where there is a risk of a lot of ink being spilled, clarification is necessary. A look back at the facts with which Bastien Chalureau is accused. As a reminder, after the second line appealed his first instance conviction, dated November 3, 2020, he is still presumed innocent.

It was on the night of Thursday 30 to Friday 31 January 2020 that the events took place. While Bastien Chalureau, who played for Stade Toulouse at the time, was in the pink city, things are said to have ended badly. Not far from Jean-Jaurès’ car park, an argument reportedly broke out between the international and Yannick Larguet, a former professional rugby player who played for Grenoble, Brive, Colomiers and Agen.

  • Filing the complaint the following Monday

In the aftermath of this alleged attack, Yannick Larguet filed a complaint for “violence without racial incapacity.” Bastien Chalureau was taken into police custody on Wednesday. Two alleged victims have been identified. For Yannick Larguet, the alleged violence does not last longer than eight days of incapacity for work. For the second man, the violence does not lead to incapacity for work.

  • Two versions face each other

When Bastien Chalureau admitted the violence, he always denied making racist comments. For his part, Yannick Larguet repeated his accusations during the confrontation between the two men during the hearing of the second row. While this version was confirmed by the second alleged victim who accompanied Larguet, the two other people present that evening alongside Bastien Chalureau confirm Montpellier’s version.

  • Convicted on November 3, 2020

On November 3, 2020, Bastien Chalureau is convicted of “violence with the circumstance that it is committed because of the race or ethnicity of the victim”. He was given a six-month suspended prison sentence and banned from possessing weapons for the next five years. The second line will appeal against this decision.

  • A past that resurfaces at the start of the World Cup

After a complicated start in the world of professional rugby, Bastien Chalureau settled in and took his “second chance” at Montpellier. He then enters the radars of the XV of France. Fabien Galthié decides to trust him. The second row will be called up by the Blues coach for the first time in his career in November 2022. He has his first selection against South Africa. He then took part in the 6 Nations Tournament before being part of the World Cup adventure. He participates in three of the four preparatory matches and will make an appearance during the World Cup against Uruguay.

But that is why the general media and politicians are in turmoil. Some consider it “scandalous” to see a player convicted at first instance for racist violence in the France team. Bastien Chalureau will speak on September 4 to once again deny the facts he is accused of. “I’m not a racist”the second row said tearfully in front of the press.

  • Appeal trial is scheduled for November 14, 2023

The controversy fades. The World Cup ends. And so we arrive at November 14, 2023. The date on which Bastien Chalureau will appear in court. The appeal trial will take place next Tuesday at 2 p.m. in Toulouse.. To date, neither Montpellier’s presence nor that of the alleged victims has been assured.

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