Video Games – Nintendo Studios. WarioWare Move it: I like moving it?

When you say motion detection, you say… movements! A truism if ever there was one when talking about the Switch, but ultimately not so much because games based solely on motion gaming are not legion on Nintendo’s hybrid console either.

Gym teacher Wario

Wario and his plump body do not a priori present the profile of a gym teacher. But it’s a bit easy to forget that Mario’s evil doppelgänger had already paid for himself on the Wii more than fifteen years ago with WarioWare fluid movements. So here he is called upon again with his merry band WarioWare Move it to brighten up a holiday on a paradise island. A somewhat crazy holiday, for sure…

More than 200 mini games

Obviously, as with any board game, the content is important so as not to quickly start going around in circles. We can say that with more than 200 mini-games in the box, the developers have ensured that we will not get bored. Especially because the sequences, all quite short, follow each other at breakneck speed. Featuring some pretty crazy activities like pulling straws with nose hairs, unclogging toilets, wringing out underwear, etc. We won’t hide it from you, the humor especially hits a young audience who loves Toto’s jokes.

But make no mistake: the title requires a minimum of requirements. First of all, you have to stand the whole time. And above all, adopt the right positions – big arm, warrior, little leader, cocorico… – so that the representation is effective on the screen. And because the pace is fast, it requires a certain amount of concentration, especially for children under 10 years old.

A bit self-mockery

However, there is nothing obstructive, just follow the instructions and place the Joy-Con correctly in each hand, with the strap to be able to release them if we are asked, to perform precise gestures and press the buttons at the right time to push . Even if reproducing certain poses sometimes seems a bit random…

Another pitfall, at least at first, is that you have to quickly understand the meaning of the proposed mini-game. It is not unusual for you to visit it several times before finding the solution. This is also part of its charm WarioWare Move it. Just like these ridiculous poses he forces us to take in front of the other players. A little self-mockery doesn’t hurt…

More fun together

The board game is of course an invitation to have fun together. However, in Story mode you can also play solo (one to two players). After a tricky introduction, it’s time for an avalanche of challenges to complete until you reach a final boss.

Depending on the universe, we vary the positions to perform, even if we inevitably encounter certain gestures. But because there is great creativity there, we don’t really realize it. Story mode co-op is welcome and especially necessary (two controllers required) to play through three of the last four difficult levels. Finally, with Miroir Copieur, once we have completed everything, one player will have to guess another player which gestures the mime should reproduce. Very funny.

A controlled recipe

Fiesta mode (up to four players) offers a more competitive approach. We compete in mini-games during the medical examination, where each opponent likes the performance of his competitor. A very gentle principle that ultimately makes this option redundant. The fun is much more present in the 1, 2, 3 sun under the eyes of Medusa with matching challenges to get rid of snakes or on the goose game board with evolving rules. For the survival test, you have to complete the activities without making any mistakes. As for “Who’s playing?” », a two-on-two confrontation, spectators will have to guess which of the two players is really moving…

The recipe is known and Nintendo has mastered it for a long time. Of WarioWare Move itthe Switch is equipped with a board game with a certain lifespan that will mainly appeal to a young audience, but will also become a leisure activity for the whole family.

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