What does Hogwarts Legacy really look like on Nintendo Switch? Here is the first video

A few days before launch, Nintendo releases a first trailer for the Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy. Comforting?

What it really looks like Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch? This is the question that many owners are asking themselves as the blockbuster launched in February 2023 on powerful platforms prepares to appear on the Nintendo console. A few weeks ago the first still images gave us an idea. But there’s nothing better than seeing the game in motion to form a more definitive opinion.

Nintendo has therefore released a trailer for the Switch port of Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy on November 9, exactly five days before launch. We can welcome this transparency, given that the result raises a lot of fear. They relate to the Switch’s limited power compared to the visual ambitions of the Harry Potter universe adaptation. Nintendo and Warner Bros. could very well have waited until the last minute, or even kept the transfer hidden. Pronunciation?

The first video of the Switch version of the Harry Potter game is… encouraging?!

About JK Rowling

The editors accepted the video game Hogwarts legacy to test it before release. JK Rowling was not the creator and was not involved in its design. We reject the author’s active transphobia, which funds anti-trans associations that endanger the lives of trans people.

From the first seconds of the video we realize that the developers had to make a big sacrifice in terms of reliability. On switch, Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy clearly losing its luster, but that was to be expected. Some textures are coarse, the details are sometimes hidden in a mass of pixels, the modeling is less fine… We still believe that the characters benefit from extra care, to create some form of illusion in the foreground .

We also see certain lags in the few sequences offered, the result of editing the game’s cutscenes. Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy does what it can on a console that has technically been abandoned since its release, and has therefore seen some upheavals (last example: Mortal Kombat 1). The trailer doesn’t reveal any of the in-game sequences, which require the player to explore large and more demanding environments. Will these numerous moments be playable? You will have to start the game to cry blood or be reassured.

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Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy // Source: PS5 CaptureHogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy // Source: PS5 Capture

Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch // Source: YouTube screenshotHogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch // Source: YouTube screenshot
Isn’t your hair a bit gritty, sir? // Source: YouTube screenshot

In any case, the first feedback is enthusiastic. “ It’s a step back from other consoles, but the game still looks really playable », notes metallicJrocker on YouTube. Itachi2099GP is just as curious: “ This looks better than I expected, looks like we’re going to get another Impossible port to Switch! » The video has almost 7,000 likes for 180,000 views.

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